Monday, January 16, 2012

The Legacy of Dr. King: The Memorial and Celebrating His Life Through Service

Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. King

Today marks the 26th anniversary of the US national holiday in observance of Dr. King's birthday. Dr. King would have been 83-years old today. In honor of Dr. King, his commitment to service and social justice, I am in Washington D.C. volunteering with a group of friends on the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service. On Sunday afternoon I took a trip to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in our nation's capitol. Let's take a look.....

"The Stone of Hope" to symbolize the civil rights struggle, is preceded by "The Mountain of Despair." Inscribed on each side of the stone are two quotes from Dr. King's speeches.

"The Mountain of Despair"

The statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is in direct line with the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials. The location honors the President who protected the United States from internal strife, and where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech; to the Jefferson Memorial, which honors the President who helped create the United States as the author of the Declaration of Independence. The entire memorial sits on 4 acres. Cherry Blossoms were gifted to the United States by Japan in honor of the site and as a sign of peace, something Dr. King was an advocate of.

Photos from the Memorial.......

In the spirit of Dr. King's legacy and all of the things that he stood for, I encourage everyone to go out into your communities and participate in a service activity. It's not too late. To find a project, visit .

How do you plan to honor Dr. King's legacy and memory today?
Have you visited the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington D.C. ?
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