Friday, January 6, 2012

January Book of the Month: Here Comes Trouble, by Michael Moore

Here Comes Trouble

by Michael Moore

Michael Moore is a compassionate, funny, smart and very interesting man and all of this shines through beautifully in his unconventionally written autobiography. Moore does not use the typical style of writing as it relates to this particular genre. Instead of chronicling his life from beginning to present, he writes a series of cool, autobiographical sketches dealing with not only his life; but detailed accounts of early American settlers; his ancestors. 

Each of Moore's narrative's begin a whole new chapter in the Moore family. By the end, the reader will realize it is no surprise that Moore became the influential, inspiring, artist that he is today. Moore is extremely honest and does not hide some of the more undesirable truths, of how people like Moore's family felt about things during certain time periods. I guarantee you that you won't be able to hold any of it against him or his family and you'll respect and appreciate his work even more. 

If you enjoy reading about the lives of individuals with the revolutionary spirit and want to see it done in a way that is creative, inspiring and sometimes tear jerking, then you will enjoy this book. The best thing about Moore is that his genuine love for people is something that shows naturally through his work and through his personality. Moore is one of those rare celebrities that if you met on the street and ask to borrow 20 dollars he'd probably give it to you. You don't just support Moore because he is controversial or because he's entertaining you also do it because you like him and you genuinely want to see him do well. Maybe even run for office someday. Here Comes Trouble does an excellent job in describing how all this that is Michael Moore came to be.

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