Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Urban Beat: Paterno Steps Down, Joe Frazier Dies, 5th Cain Accuser

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The sports world was rocked today in two top stories beginning with the Penn State sex abuse scandal that recently broke. The NYTimes has just reported that legendary football coach Joe Paterno is expected to step down after coaching the University's Football Team for over 40 years. Some Might Say that a man who's been in any high profile position that long had to have seen some extraordinary things, but his indifference in these alleged incidents may destroy his once great legacy. Read more at the New York Times site.

Should Joe Paterno step down as coach of the Penn State Football Team?

What should be done in the way of reparations in this situation?

Joe Frazier (January 12, 1944 – November 7, 2011)
Sadly after a brief bout with Cancer former Heavyweight Champion Joe Frazier has die in a hospice. Joe Frazier fought Muhammad Ali in one of the greatest boxing matches ever and was one of the only fighters to ever defeat Ali. Hailing from my hometown of Philadelphia, his legacy was sadly not celebrated in the city enough and he died relatively quietly. He will always be celebrated in the boxing world as one of the greatest.

You were either an Ali fan for Smokin Joe?

5th Herman Cain Accuser
 From The Examiner:

Another woman, Donna Donella of Arlington, Virginia who is a former USAID worker, is the next female to suggest that GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain may have behaved awkwardly inappropriate regarding a female. 
Donella claims that a woman asked Cain a question during a speech in Egypt in 2002, and after the speech, Cain asked Donella to arrange a dinner with the woman so that he could further discuss the question with the woman. 
Donnela claims she believed Cain’s motives for meeting the woman were suspicious in nature, and she did not set up the dinner.  When the dinner was not arranged, Donella claims that Cain said: 
Then You and I Can Have Dinner.
Donella also believed Cain’s intensions in wanting to have dinner with her were suspicious in nature, and she says that co-workers suggested a group of people go out to dinner instead.  At the group dinner, this fifth and latest Cain-basher admits that she didn’t witness any inappropriate behaviors including sexual harassment. Herman Cain is expected to hold a press conference today to "set the records straight."
Is Herman Cain out of the game?
Did he ever have a chance?
Has this wavered his Tea Party supporters and if not what implications does that bring regarding their apathy for these allegations? In other words, why don't they seem to care?

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