Monday, November 7, 2011

The Urban Beat Update: Finally a Face to Cain Allegations, Conrad Murray Verdict & the Penn State Pedophile

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 Dr. Conrad Murray found guilty of Involuntary Man Slaughter

Today Gloria Allread, celebrity lawyer for the disgruntled women of the world, stood with her new client. Sharon Bialek is a registered Republican and the latest of 3 other women who claim that Presidential nominee hopeful Herman Cain sexually harassed them while he was head of the National Restaurant Association. The press conference lasted about 30 minutes in which both Allread and Bialek read statements to the press.

Bialek a white, blonde, attractive, middle aged woman met Cain while she worked at the National Restaurant Association, in which he was the head. Until today the Urban Politico as well as the rest of the American people, have been waiting for a face to these allegations. As long as the allegations seemed only whispers in the dark, with no tangible, being to represent the potential damaging allegations, it all seemed to be something that could easily be swept under the rug. Certainly the Tea Party Movement has shown that allegations of their star Presidential candidate involved in a Tiger Woods style sexual harassment scandal or at least attempted scandal will not waver support for "their boy!"

As described by Sharon Bialek, when she was fired from the National Restaurant Association her boyfriend suggested she ask Herman Cain for help finding employment, a man that she spoke very highly of after hearing him speak at a conference during the late 90's. At the advice of her boyfriend and the request of Herman Cain, Bialek visited Cain in DC and he put her up at the Capital Hilton in DC and took her to dinner. Later in the evening he put his hand up her skirt and pushed her head down, toward his crotch. She demanded that he stop and he did. When she asked what he was doing, Cain responded, "You want a job right?"

Bialek pleaded with Cain to admit what he did so that himself and the country and move forward.

If Herman Cain is guilty should he admit what he did and try to move forward or should he continue to try and redirect the focus on his campaign?

In other News Dr. Conrad Murray, the man on trial for the murder of Michael Jackson will have his fate determined today. A verdict has been reached by the jury and will announced today at 4pm. Dr. Murray faces up to 4 years in prison for his role in the death of Michael Jackson.

Tune in for more information and the actual verdict when it is released later today.

Lastly and certainly not least of all, there is the Penn State University pedophile cover up. The allegations include sodomy and and boys between 8-10 years of age. This is an excerpt from the story by the National Post:

An explosive sex abuse scandal and allegations of a cover-up rocked Happy Valley after former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, once considered Joe Paterno’s heir apparent, was charged with sexually assaulting eight boys over 15 years. Among the allegations was that a graduate assistant saw Sandusky assault a boy in the shower at the team’s practice centre in 2002.
Sandusky retired in 1999 but continued to use the school’s facilities for his work with The Second Mile, a foundation he established to help at-risk kids, where authorities say he encountered the boys. The case took on added dimension Saturday when perjury charges were announced against Tim Curley, Penn State’s athletic director, and Gary Schultz, vice president for finance and business. They were also accused of failing to alert police and other agencies – as required by state law – of their investigation of the allegations.
“This is a case about a sexual predator who used his position within the university and community to repeatedly prey on young boys,” state Attorney General Linda Kelly said Saturday in a statement.
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