Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Under What Circumstances Should Children Be Tried As Adults?

A Woman is in Critical Condition After a Shopping Cart Lands on Her

This story bothers me quite a bit, so I am interested to see if anyone else shares the same sentiment on the fate of these two children.

A woman was clinging to life Sunday after a shopping cart — pushed off a ledge by a group of teens in East Harlem — plummeted four stories and landed on her head, cops and witnesses said.

The 47-year-old woman was with a young boy when the red cart dropped from a walkway that connects a Target store to a parking lot near E. 116th St. and Pleasant Ave. about 5:45 p.m., cops and witnesses said.

Moments before, Carlos Vargas, 35, said he spotted the young hooligans pushing the cart near the fourth-level parking lot.

“Their friend was trying to stop it, saying, ‘Don’t do it!’ ” Vargas recalled. “But they didn’t care.”

“Whatever happens, happens,” Vargas said one of the teens responded before they launched the cart from the overhead walkway.

The cart bounced off a sign before landing on the unidentified woman below, witnesses said.

“Her son, a young boy about 10 years old, was on top of her crying,” Vargas said. “It was bone-chilling to see that.”

“It hit her in the head. She just collapsed,” said Orlando Campos, 30, who ran to help the woman as blood pooled around her head. “She wasn’t moving at all.”

Emergency workers responded within minutes and rushed the woman to Harlem Hospital, where she was in critical condition last night.

Police were reviewing surveillance footage to try to identify the suspects. No arrests were immediately made.

I have absolutely no sympathy for these children and believe they should be charged as adults. They knew exactly what they were doing. I say throw the book at them and charge them as adults. I also believe that something should happen to their parents as well. I shop frequently at this shopping plaza and was actually on the lower level at PetSmart on Sunday when this incident took place, so I feel like this could have easily happened to me or anyone I know. However, maybe I am being too harsh and putting too much emotion into this, what do you think?

Should these children be tried as adults?
What should their punishments look like?
What should be done to hold their parents accountable for this incident?
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