Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Jon Stewart vs. Fox News on Leaving God Out of Thanksgiving (VIDEO)

As a Christian, I typically don't even acknowledge the rhetoric of the Fox News crowd who fashion themselves as the self-proclaimed authorities on what is and what is not Christian-like behavior by the rest of us because it tends to run counter to the tenants of Christianity itself which encourages us to love our neighbors, do onto others as we would have done unto us and, most importantly, tells us not to judge others lest we be judged ourselves.  Quite frankly, I find most of their religious rhetoric an embarrassment that gives Christianity a bad name with the general public in our country at large.  But there's a huge difference between (A) the typically divisive religious rhetoric that one might find most anywhere these days and (B) purposely trying to convince people that somebody is not who they claim to be.  The Daily Show recently tackled this issue with more more patience than I ever could:

1. Obama left "GOD" out of his Thanksgiving address...Really?
2. Is it just me, or is Fox guilty here of playing up to the large segment of their viewers who believe Obama is a Muslim?
3. Should News organizations take a proactive stance on religion at all?
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