Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Losing Battle Against HIV

Our politicians, both Democrat and Republican, emphatically debate whether we are winning the war in Afghanistan, the war against terror, the war against drugs, and the "war" against illegal immigration.  However, there is one war that has seemingly fallen off the radar - and we are losing badly.  We are taking major casualties in the war against HIV and unfortunately, its getting worse.

There are approximately 1.2 million Americans with the HIV virus.  Just yesterday, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released a harrowing report stating that 1 in five people with HIV in the US are completely unaware that they have the devastating virus.  Additionally, only half of the people who know they have HIV are receiving continuous medical care.  This means that over 310,000 Americans living with HIV are not receiving the proper medical treatment and care to battle the disease.

This is so alarming because over the last 15 years, scientists have made medical breakthroughs by creating drugs that reduce the HIV levels so low that it cant develop into full blown AIDS.  But if  over 310,000  people are not getting proper treatment and if  approximately 240,000 people don't even know they have the virus, that's potentially over 550 thousand Americans that may succomb to the disease.

Herman Cain: Uncle Ruckus in the Flesh

Before I address the strikingly similar pictures that accompany this post... I must first offer a little background in the interest of upholding my journalistic integrity to be transparent and what not. We here at the Urban Politico like to read. But more than we like to read we like to discuss. Sometimes those discussions turn into heated and passionate arguments over views we feel strongly about. I'm telling you now this is going to be one of those times. So I want to just jump in and get started by saying:

Don't trust them new niggas over there...

Yes the new nigga I'm talking about is Herman Cain. (Apologies to any and all those who may be offended over my use at the n-word). While Herman Cain may not survive the Presidential political scene much longer, his step onto the national stage and into the public eye has brought much attention and unwanted scrutiny toward the one time GOP frontrunner. When he attended the very first Republican debate -- the one that no one else went to -- that was held in South Carolina in May; Herman Cain was seen as the winner. But no one really knew his name. In a field with only Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, and Gary Johnson clearly the star of that debate was the well recognized Ron Paul. But he managed to escape obscurity and be seen as the winner of the debate. He went from being "that Black guy running for President" to "Herman Cain? A black guy is running for President on the Republican side?"

The question mark forced those in my industry to do some digging. Who is this man that embraced the Tea Party, Reganomics, and headed a fast-food pizza chain not commonly part of the American ordering lexicon? Who is this man who claims he single-handedly killed Hillary-Care in 1994? Who is this man who was the head of a major lobbying group for several years? Who is this man?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's DEMAND, Stupid!

“Mitt Romney will act swiftly to tear down the vast edifice of regulations the Obama Administration has imposed on the economy…”
~Romney campaign

I understand that 95% of the people in this country aren’t political nerds like those of us on this blog. The Republican Party understands that as well. That’s why over the past year, you’ve heard so much about Obama and his “job killing regulations,” and “the uncertainty of health care.” The Republicans are excellent at selling the message, regardless of how false it may be. I did a Google search for the phrase “job killing regulations”; it returned over 10 million hits. Most of the hits came from right leaning medium regurgitating rightwing talking points. The rest were left leaning efforts to debunk those same talking points.

The issue at the center of this entire debate is the economy: what’s wrong with it and how do we get it working again? The Republicans – illustrated by their presidential candidates – have planted their flag on blaming Obama and his "job killing regulations" as the primary reason for our economic woes claiming they hurt small businesses. In addition to regulations, the Republicans are also blaming Health Care Reform claiming that small businesses are scared and "uncertain" on how the law will affect their business.  This uncertainty is said to be the reason for our high unemployment.  However, this isn't true, at least not according to small businesses and economists.  It appears that regulations and uncertainty are NOT the main reason as to why small business aren’t hiring; the real reason is demand. Put simply, the public is not spending enough money.

Urban Beat: Conrad Murray Sentenced, Herman Cain "Reassess" Other TOP STORIES

CNN Reports that Dr. Conrad Murray, the Doctor charged with the death of Michael Jackson was sentenced to 4 years in prison for involuntary man slaughter. The Judge referred to Murray as "reckless" and a "danger to society." Check out the Judges ruling here:

Check out more Top Stories after the break!

Jon Stewart vs. Fox News on Leaving God Out of Thanksgiving (VIDEO)

As a Christian, I typically don't even acknowledge the rhetoric of the Fox News crowd who fashion themselves as the self-proclaimed authorities on what is and what is not Christian-like behavior by the rest of us because it tends to run counter to the tenants of Christianity itself which encourages us to love our neighbors, do onto others as we would have done unto us and, most importantly, tells us not to judge others lest we be judged ourselves.  Quite frankly, I find most of their religious rhetoric an embarrassment that gives Christianity a bad name with the general public in our country at large.  But there's a huge difference between (A) the typically divisive religious rhetoric that one might find most anywhere these days and (B) purposely trying to convince people that somebody is not who they claim to be.  The Daily Show recently tackled this issue with more more patience than I ever could:

1. Obama left "GOD" out of his Thanksgiving address...Really?
2. Is it just me, or is Fox guilty here of playing up to the large segment of their viewers who believe Obama is a Muslim?
3. Should News organizations take a proactive stance on religion at all?

Monday, November 28, 2011

In Case You Missed It: 60 Minutes Deals With Child Homelessness (VIDEO)

The long running CBS news show 60 Minutes recently ran an interesting story on poverty and homelessness amongst children in America. This country would like to believe that it is above the so called third world countries and that it's citizens are guaranteed a fair shot, but the reality of this story proves this to be untrue. Check it out for yourself!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

In Time & Occupy Wall Street: For the 1% to be Immortal, many of the 99% Must Die

Over the holiday weekend I managed to take a break from the rat race and squeeze a few movies in.  As a Sci-Fi buff, I decided to see In Time starring Justin Timberlake and Cillian Murphy.  The movie takes place in a futuristic dystopian society similar to that of Gattaca or Logan's Run where human beings are genetically engineered and lead lives largely detached from what we would consider a normal human existence.  The basic plot of In Time is that people are genetically engineered to stop aging once they turn 25. The catch? When you hit 25, a neon green light appears on your forearm and begins counting down backwards from 1-year.  At the end of that 1 year, you will die unless you can replenish your forearm clock by "earning" more time. Therefore, Time has replaced money as the new currency in this movie. 

People literally buy and sell things based on increments of time; a cup of coffee costs 5 minutes of your life whereas a meal at a fancy restaurant might cost 8 weeks of your life. A blue collar job might pay you 24 hours for a day's labor whereas you might be able to go to the casinos and win 2 or 3 years playing Texas Hold 'em.  This sets up a situation where the rich are able to amass virtually endless amounts of time, thereby effectively becoming immortal.  Meanwhile, the working class find themselves working crappy jobs for mere hours a day, living 24-hours to 24-hours much like the American worker lives paycheck to paycheck.  The rationale for this framework offered by the rich who are able to enjoy the benefits of this society:  "for a few to be immortal, many must die."  This draws an obvious parallel between this fictitious world and our society where the top 1% are only able to remain in the top 1% because of the labor produced by the 99%.  Stated differently, in order for the 1% to remain in the 1%, many must remain in the 99%.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Book Reviews-Damballa, Breakshot, Harlem, Neverwhere

by Charles Saunders
I love pulp novelists, especially the older 1920's-1940's stories that centered on adventure, fantasy or the weird. There was a sense of wonder and imagination in those stories that has shrunken in modern times. The world grows smaller while our knowledge of the world expands and travel duration drops.

Unfortunately, from my POV, many of those classic stories also had a strong streak of racism, that ranged from the casually contemptuous to the insanely hateful, depending on the author. About the best you could hope for as far as black characters was that there weren't any. Asians, Indians, Hispanics and even whites of non-Anglo/Nordic/Celtic heritage were also stereotyped in various ways. There were some authors who were exceptions to this rule of course but not many. I may discuss them later.

Charles Saunders is a current day black author who was deeply influenced by pulp stories. He is best known for his Imaro fantasy stories. Damballa is his attempt at writing a black pulp hero who is akin to such pulp creations as Doc Savage, The Shadow, Marlowe, etc. The story is based on the Joe Louis-Max Schmeling fight as well as the adventures of Dr. William Sheppard, known as Congo's African-American Dr. Livingstone.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hulk Hogan v. Lady Hogan: Steel Cage Match of the Year!

Because of Thanksgiving, the staff here at The Urban Politico decided to give our bloggers a break from the seriousness of politics.  Now what better way to have a little fun than to analyze the lives of the rich and famous? 

Recently, details of Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan) and his wife Linda Bollea's divorce settlement became public.  The pair, who have been married 26 years, filed for divorce in 2007 and have made news again because of the monetary disparity in the terms of their divorce agreement. 
The Urban Politico Team has some pretty strong opinions regarding this divorce settlement.  I did not include any of them in this post for fear of starting a cyber food fight, but look out for their comments below, which are sure to be spirited.

Now, before I discuss the settlement terms, let me briefly explain property distribution in Florida.  Of course, I AM NOT a Florida attorney, nor I am I holding myself out to be one.  DO NOT take my explanation of the Florida law to be legal advice.  I am merely giving legal information.  In fact, if you have a legal issue, please speak with a Florida attorney.  Ok, now that my ethical duty is completed, here's the law so that you can have some background as you read the facts.
FYI - I promised Grand Central that I will make this post as nuetral as possible.  See how I did after the jump.  

Happy Thanksgiving from The Urban Politico

Many holidays invoke different feelings for many folks.  I like to believe the spirit of most holidays is to bring friends and family closer together.  It is true that some holidays have lost their meaning; it is also true that some have benefited from their change over time.  None are without their detractors and debates.  Regardless of whether or not you recognize Thanksgiving, there is still something to be said for stopping and taking the time to reflect and appreciate where you are and what you have - regardless how small.

With all that has gone on within the last year, collectively we know that we all still have a lot to be thankful for.  This includes, but is not limited to, our friends, family, loved ones, and those that stop by from time-to-time to say "hello."  Those who provide provocative statements and debate.  Thank you to all who support us. We plan on keeping the dialogue going for years to come. And that is something to be thankful for.

We each want to say what we are thankful for - after the jump.  In the comments, tell us what you are thankful for.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Unfortunately, Newt was right: Just don't call his amnesty idea, "Amnesty"

In a moment of candor, Newt may have sealed his fate last night during the Republican Debate.  Ironically, Newt himself said he has a good chance to win this thing, provided he doesn't implode and screw himself up.  Well Newt, you missed it by that much!  If you haven’t heard, the former speaker of the House of Representatives (and current Republican front runner) declared himself a supporter of comprehensive immigration. A nebulous term indeed – comprehensive immigration – but one that ruffles the feathers of many on the right side of the aisle, nonetheless.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Frontrunner Follies

It's Tuesday... Which means we are another week closer to next year's general election in which we will elect the President of the United States. The choice will be between President Obama and one of the eight candidates running for President on the GOP side. The eight candidates will face off once again tonight in yet another debate. Tonight's discussion will focus on foreign policy and national security, much like the last debate. But sure to come up during this debate is what comes up in all of them, the follies each of the candidates have faced/made since they announced their candidacy for a job no one really wants but everyone thinks they can do.

You may have noticed over the last few weeks some of the GOP candidates have had a tougher time in the media than others. Specifically the front-runners. While some Candidates can't even buy a good controversy others seem to attract it.

So let's jump right into it and take a look at the candidates that have faced some sort of a scandal.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Police Spray Protesters at UC Davis

I don't really have a lot of words for this other than to say this is why generally speaking I don't have much use for police or think that a man or woman that puts on a blue uniform is automatically a hero, a good person or worthy of my respect. Some are decent; some are not.
Some of them have the moral capacity of Rottweilers or Cane Corsos. They're also much more savage and dangerous.

Should the police officers spraying the protesters be permanently removed from duty?
Should the UC Davis chancellor , Linda Katehi, resign?
I thought putting women in charge meant that we'd have a kinder, gentler world and better outcomes. Gee, someone let Senator Gillibrand know...

Guest Post: The Third Industrial Revolution

***Today's Guest Post comes from our brother from another mother, Reece Chenault.  Please engage our guest in the comments below.***

I’m not a betting man (today) but I bet you’ve never heard of Jeremy Rifkin. I was forced to learn a great deal about him when I was in college, so maybe that’s a good excuse for why I know so much about him. In fact, after this review I hope you’ll understand why I think Rifkin should have a cabinet post right now.

The book, titled “The Third Industrial Revolution,” doesn’t pull any punches. Rifkin says, in no uncertain temrs, that our current way of living is truly on life support. Oil, as he points out, is rapidly running out. Our planet is treating us like a bad case of dandruff, methodically treating the wounds we’ve inflicted with warnings of our imminent extinction. The fish we eat are disappearing, the very water we drink is becoming undrinkable, and we’re finding it harder and harder to breathe… all because we are dependent on fossil fuels. Rifkin says plainly that we are “at the end of the Second Industrial Revolution” and there’s no going backwards. After all, we’re a world of seven billion people now. Our oil supply can’t sustain that kind of growth, let alone the damage that using all that oil (and coal) will create. Basing an entire economy on the price on a waning resource, he writes, is not the crisis. “Oil is the crisis.”

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Making a Living Wage in NYC

New York City is one of those places that will make you reevaluate everything you thought you ever knew about budgeting your money.  I grew up in the midwest where the average rent for a decent apartment is about $600 per month, and you can buy a three bedroom, two-bath home with a driveway, front yard, back yard and a white picket fence for around $100,000 on the low end and about $250,000 on the high end.  When I graduated from my midwest college my first job paid $45,000/year.  Living in the midwest, I used to think that was all the money in the world; at that salary all my bills were paid and I even paid off my first adult car in under 2 years.  I lived with two frat brothers (one of whom you all know as The Fed) in a 3-level, 3 bedroom townhome complete with a garage and a built in washer and dryer.  Our rent?  $750 per month.  Total.  As in, we each paid $250 a month (and we had the au-da-ci-tyyyyy to actually complain about it).  Looking back on it now as a New Yorker, I realize that we had absolutely no clue as to how low the cost of living was (and still is) in the midwest.

By contrast, in New York City, the average rent for a decent apartment is $1500 per month...for a studio.  Oh you wanted a separate bedroom?  Bump that up to at least $2,000 per month.  Two bedrooms you say?  $3,000 per month and up.  Now if you want to be a home owner here, a one-bedroom apartment sells for $500,000 toward the low end, $600,000 toward the high end.  Two-bedrooms sell for $750,000 and up.  Three-bedrooms are easily over $1 million.  And these are not very spacious places we're talking about either; your average one bedroom in Manhattan is no larger than 800 square feet regardless of whether you're renting or buying.  If you have a car (lord forbid), parking can run you about $400 a month.  A monthly subway pass runs a little over $100, and if you're commuting in from Long Island or upstate, it's more than that.  All of this to say, if you live here in New York City then you're living in the city with the highest cost of living in the United States of America hands down.  So it's safe to say that if you've been making minimum wage here ($7.25/hr), you've been performing nothing short of a miracle every month to make ends meet.  Against that background, it's not hard to see the need for the latest proposal in City Council to raise the minimum wage from $7.25/hr to $10.00/hr with benefits, $11.50/hr without benefits.

Urban Beat: NYC Terror Plot Unfolded

NYPD Thwarts NYC Terrorist Plot

The Manhattan District Attorney has filed charges against 27-year old Jose Pimentel of Washington Heights. Pimintel was plotting to bomb police patrol cars and postal facilities in New York City. Pimentel has been under the surveillance of the NYPD for the last two-years and is described as an al-Qaeda sympathizer. His intended targets were U.S. Troops returning from active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, US Postal workers and Law Enforcement Personnel. Pimintel was acting alone and had not been identified as acting under a terrorist organization.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Music Reviews-Freddie King, Donnie Hathaway

 Freddie King
King in full effect
There are three great Kings of the Blues: Albert, BB and Freddie. Each man had his own unique musical fingerprint. BB's sound could be described as sweet, stinging and sassy while Albert's tone had all the implacable bassy menace of the trucks and tractors he used to drive. Freddie King possessed the aggressive fiery attack one would think proper for a man described as The Texas Cannonball

The youngest of the three men, Freddie King matured musically at the same time that people like Chuck Berry, Ike Turner and Bo Diddley were in the process of creating rock-n-roll. King's playing showed these modern influences. Freddie King was just as comfortable playing surf-rock, Chuck Berry style grooves, and other uptempo instrumental R&B as he was playing slower blues. King's early albums were attempts to cash in on the early sixties surfing craze. He was briefly on the same label as James Brown but unfortunately I don't think they ever recorded together. Maybe I'm wrong and there's some cut out there with Freddie King backing up Soul Brother Number One! King also spent a lot of time as a session guitarist for Chess and Cobra records during the day while by night he was making a name for himself as an up and coming blues guitarist on Chicago's competitive west side guitar circuit.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Give Us Your Feedback!

Unlike the cartoon, we actually want to hear your feedback on the following:

1. what particular issues, articles or subjects that YOU, the reader, would like to see discussed on the blog?
2. what encourages you to comment?
3. what time/which days do you tend to check the blog?
4. what topics have we covered too much?
5. what topics have we not covered enough?
6. anything else on your mind that you'd like to share that you think will help us become a better blog.


The Urban Politico staff

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Will the Real Republican Candidate Please Stand Up?

You read the title and the first thing that comes to mind is, “no $h!t Sherlock!”   But sometimes, even the most ridiculous of statements apparently need to be made.  That’s where we are today in our politics.  The ridiculous get the attention while the astute are ridiculed.

During the debt ceiling debate, many on the left used the term “hijack” to define the political process during that time.  I understand that many on the right took offense to that word being used; given today’s warlike world, that offense was understandable.  However, I’m not convinced it wasn’t without merit, for here we are yet again.  This time we aren’t talking about deficits and taxes, but instead, who should hold the Oval Office.  Don’t get me wrong, it is more than understandable to have a political difference with the current administration and want a change in the guard, but it is a completely different thing to put up a cast of characters so under-prepared to do the job that the process alone makes our relevance questionable on a national stage.  And I’m not talking about some arbitrary number of years in some arbitrary job “prepared,” I’m talking about having the ability to display a level of intelligence and pragmatism to do the job and have the respect of both the domestic and international community.  Again, policy aside, Reagan had it, Bush I had it, Clinton had it and Obama has it.  

...well... not so much...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The New Black Power

They came in cars, buses and planes. 32 activists convened in Washington, DC to hash it out, play a game of tag, and build and burn bridges…but it’s not what you think. Their revolution was televised online using digital media.

After undergoing intense training including branding, Internet technology/strategy, and media publicity among others, they had the task of executing a media campaign on voter identification also known as voter ID.

Black Americans comprise 13 percent of the population yet only one out of ten Black Americans vote. After the success of Black voter turnout in the 2008 Election, many exited the voting process sliding down from 13 percent of all voters to 10 percent. “ Capturing that vote meant creating a media campaign  in less than seven days that would compel people to  defeat legislation on voter ID bills.

Using every single electrical outlet, they powered their laptops and immediately set upon creating this campaign overcoming certain challenges such as a consensus on effective strategy (should we try an economic boycott or just start a petition?), navigating the complexity of messaging (slang or formal?), but ultimately having to launch a website that would urge people to take action.

Starting at 10:00 PM, their sites became active.  They blasted off various emails to various organizations, individuals, bloggers, and allies in the fight against voter ID.  After all, they had enough obstacles and hindrances to fulfilling their media campaign….but Voter ID was not going to be one of them.

Although this is a MOC campaign the issue of voter rights is very real and very much in danger.

Waterboarding: Three Reasons Why the Practice Should be Banned Forever.

Herman Cain and Michelle Bachman support military torture! Ladies and gents, this is no spin because both candidates recently made statements in support of the practice and even criticized President Obama for imposing a ban. Here's a look at their positions:

             Herman Cain
At the GOP Presidential Debate on November 12, 2011, Cain stated that although he is “against torture,” he does not consider waterboarding to be torture. Instead he chose to play on words, (and our intelligence) and called it an "enhanced interrogation technique.” Uh, Mr. Cain, that is CIA code for torture.

                                           Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann, took her statement a step further, calling waterboarding “effective,” and stated that she would reinstitute its practice if she were to ever become President. Well, let’s hope that day never comes because it would mark the end of American exceptionalism as we know it. But before I get into to dangers of using waterboarding as an interrogation technique, let me give you a little background on the practice.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Urban Beat: Occupy Wall Street Update & Clean Up Issues

Ironically, as I decided to post an update for you today, I noticed that exactly one-month ago today, the protestors were facing the same fate of eviction from their headquarters of Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan. One month ago today, I visited the park to find that not only was it emaculately clean, the protestors themselves had taken the liberty to ensure that the park be maintained through their own physical labor. With that being said, I don't quite understand why Bloomberg and his comrades can't just leave things alone and let these protestors exercise their First Amendment rights - Freedom of Speech and to Peacefully Assemble.

New Blogger on The Urban Politico

Oyez Oyez Oyez!!!

As the race for the White House starts to heat up we've decided to strengthen our ranks.  The Urban Politico is proud to announce our newest addition to the family, a long time Urban Politician who goes by the name "Old Guru."

Old Guru adds to our DC Beltway family.  You've seen his work from time to time here at TUP, and you've certainly seen his legal mind at work throughout our comments section.  Going to law school after spending time in the military has definitely molded Old Guru into a formidable political mind; he knows the law as well and can hold his own against even the fiercest of debaters.

Politically he is a left-leaning independent.  Don't be surprised to see him arguing for the Free Market while in the same breath demand government regulations.  He believes the federal government should play a role in society, but it shouldn't turn into a nanny state.  He comes from a Christian family, but respects those with different beliefs.  

When he's not talking about politics, you can usually find him throwing up the hooks with Sons of Blood and Thunder, or running over the competition at the neighborhood pick-up football game.  He is truly a Renaissance Man.  From politics and sports, to social events and entertainment, Old Guru knows about it and is willing to share his thoughts with us.

So please show your love and give a warm welcome to our newest blogger and keep an eye out over the days and weeks to come for a new voice on the Urban Politico.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Man You DON'T Want on that 3AM Phone Call (VIDEO)

'nuff said.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The True Cost of "Free Markets" without Regulation

The other day I attended a Continuing Legal Education ("CLE") class on the new Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 ("Dodd-Frank") which, if you didn't know, is the law created by Congress as a direct response to the events which led to the 2008 recession that we still find ourselves in today. I won't bore you with all the details, but the course basically talked about which parts of Dodd-Frank have already been put into place, which parts have yet to be implemented (which is most of it) and how we as attorneys should advise our Wall Street clients going forward.  During the presentation, the speakers brought up an interesting political fact: since the 2010 midterm elections, the Republican majority in the House of Representatives has consistently voted to defund the two branches of government most responsible for drafting the details of the regulations that Dodd-Frank requires: the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC").  Without funding, the SEC and CFTC literally do not have the money to hire the lawyers they need to draft the new Dodd-Frank regulations.

It struck me and most of my colleagues in the room as odd that, after what America has just recently gone through -- and for the most part is still going through -- that anybody could actually oppose putting regulations on Wall Street.  After all, has it not become painfully obvious to everybody that, if left unregulated, Wall Street -- like any other free market -- will invariably crash the economy?  That's what greed does.  It doesn't stop to notice that it is too big to fail, it just focuses on getting fatter.  And then when it fails, all people can say is "oops."  As if they didn't know it was coming.  But maybe that's the problem: people simply don't know.  There's a saying that those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.  After hearing the behind-the-scenes measures that the Republicans have taken against Dodd-Frank, it appears to me that many Americans are in need of a history lesson.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Book Reviews- The Berkut, Bran Mak Morn, This Side of Glory

The Berkut
by Joseph Heywood
In 1945 with vengeful Russian soldiers less than a mile away from his bunker, German dictator Adolf Hitler committed suicide. He had no intention of being captured alive and strung up like his good friend Mussolini, or worse yet turned over to the tender mercies of a legendarily merciless former ally, Joseph Stalin.

That is what happened as far we know. Because of the inability to bring Hitler to justice, the murkiness of Hitler's demise, and the belief that the profoundly selfish Hitler would be unwilling at the end to take his own life, there have always been theories that Hitler somehow survived and escaped from the bunker in those final days.

The Berkut picks that idea up. It combines real life history with just a few minor speculative changes to look at what would have happened if Hitler DID escape the bunker. It's a sad truth that once some vengeance was taken both the Russians and the Western Allies were VERY interested in getting their hands on Nazi medical and scientific research and of course the Nazi military intelligence and weaponry. This meant making deals.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sympathy for the Devil?

Martyrs to Intrusive Government or Racist Abusers?

Do you have sympathy for the Devil? You may remember that in New Jersey, just about two years prior, this Mommy Racist and Daddy Racist tried to get a ShopRite to make a birthday cake that read "Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler". The store refused and the goobers had to go elsewhere. A Wal-Mart agreed to their request. Go figure. At the time the only controversy was over the right to freedom of expression and the right to refuse service.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Is Perry Out?

Is Perry Out?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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Why Personhood Should Have Never Been on the Ballot

In case you didn't notice, yesterday was election day across America.  Last night's election results seemed to indicate a repudiation of the far reaching conservative state-wide initiatives that have been implemented and proposed by the very Republican state governments that were elected by storm during the 2010 mid-term elections. Notably, Ohio voters, who voted in Republican Governor John Kasich over Democrat Ted Strickland 49% to 47% in 2010, soundly repealed Kasich's law that restricted collective bargaining rights for state unions by a measure of 60.6% to 39.4%.1   Meanwhile, in Mississippi a more peculiar state-wide initiative was on the ballot: "Personhood."  The proposed Personhood Amendment would have defined life “to include every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning or the functional equivalent thereof.” In other words, all abortions, morning after pills and certain forms of contraception would have been the legal equivalent of manslaughter.  Although the amendment was defeated in Mississippi by a measure of 58% to 42%, the fact that 42% of the voters in a state in America felt that the government should step in and regulate a woman's right to control her own body is a bit disconcerting.  The fact of the matter is, the Personhood amendment should have never been on a state ballot in the first place because a woman's right to seek an abortion is a federally protected Constitutional right which trumps state law.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Urban Beat: Paterno Steps Down, Joe Frazier Dies, 5th Cain Accuser

Watch Herman Cain's Press Conference Rebuttal Live 

The sports world was rocked today in two top stories beginning with the Penn State sex abuse scandal that recently broke. The NYTimes has just reported that legendary football coach Joe Paterno is expected to step down after coaching the University's Football Team for over 40 years. Some Might Say that a man who's been in any high profile position that long had to have seen some extraordinary things, but his indifference in these alleged incidents may destroy his once great legacy. Read more at the New York Times site.

Should Joe Paterno step down as coach of the Penn State Football Team?

What should be done in the way of reparations in this situation?

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Urban Beat Update: Finally a Face to Cain Allegations, Conrad Murray Verdict & the Penn State Pedophile

***Breaking News***

 Dr. Conrad Murray found guilty of Involuntary Man Slaughter

African Americans: 20 Years after Magic; what have we learned?

First off, growing up, I was a huge Jordan fan; if you didn’t think Jordan wasn’t the greatest basketball player on the planet, you couldn’t tell me a damn thang (yes I said thang). Growing up in the Midwest, it was a no-brainer! However, I can’t lie, the “Showtime” Lakers were a sight to see. I – like most teenage boys at the time playing basketball at that – tried to throw every pass with my eyes closed, behind my back, and with my arms and legs flinging in one direction attempting to have the ball go in another; usually this resulted in a turnover. I think it goes without saying, but even for the staunchest Jordan fan, there was no denying the influence that Magic Johnson had on the game of basketball and the black community. So, twenty years ago today – November 7, 1991 – when Magic retired from basketball (for the first time) due to AIDS, I was devastated!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Movie Reviews-Captain America, Horrible Bosses and Blood Creek

Captain America:The First Avenger
Marvel is moving merrily along making movies out of all of its major and some of its minor comic book superheroes, with an eye towards releasing a later Avengers movie (a sort of supergroup of superheroes-kinda like if the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Hendrix and The Beatles all got together to save the world).

So Captain America was next on my list to watch. If you're not familiar with the storyline, well first of all where have you been for the past 40-50 years. Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is a literal 90 lb weakling in wartime Brooklyn New York.

He has no luck with women and is constantly picked on by bullies. Steve never backs down from a fight though he often has to be saved by his best friend Bucky (Sebastian Stan) a much larger US soldier who has been cheerfully rescuing Steve since they were kids. But their friendship is about to be interrupted as the patriotic but sickly Rogers can't convince any Army recruiters to accept him.

Fortuitously, Rogers' plight is discovered by the secretive German refugee Dr. Erskine, (Stanley Tucci) who is working with the Army on a super-serum to produce soldiers of fantastic ability. Rogers undergoes the treatment and goes from zero to hero in a matter of minutes. Now he's ready to go to war for real, not only because it's the right thing to do but also because the painfully shy Rogers finds that he wouldn't mind getting to know (and impress) British Bombshell agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell). And if that means leading suicide missions behind enemy lines, gosh darn it he's ready to do it.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Motor City Assault on Bus Driver

Incidents like this are exactly why I no longer live in Detroit or go too far out of my way to constantly defend it against vindictive people who would seek to say that this is typical of all Detroiters. For the record, it's not typical of all Detroiters or even most Detroiters. Like anywhere most Detroiters are people just trying to make it to the next day.
That said though, Detroit obviously has a crime problem. It's out of hand not just because of the number of crimes-assaults, robberies, murders, burglaries, rapes, etc but because of the random nature of these crimes. They can literally happen anywhere. What a bitter ugly irony that an assault on a Black bus driver just trying to do his job takes place in a center named after the late Detroit heroine, Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks died for this nonsense.

What are the Real Chances for the Republicans in 2012?

Nate Silver, for those of ya'll who don't know, was the cat who used regression analysis and predicted the 2008 Senate election with 100% accuracy, the 2008 House election accurately down to the county with the except of some oddball county in Nebraska, he predicted which way every state would vote in the general election save Indiana, and he predicted Obama would defeat John McCain in the general election by 6.1 percentage points (it actually turned out to be 7.2 percentage points).  He also predicted that the Republicans would pick up the House and that the Democrats would retain the Senate in the 2010 midterm election.  Apparently, despite all of the nonsense spouted by political pundits, news anchors and TV talk shows about the complex psyche of the American people, it turns out that the American people are actually fairly predictable.  Down to a science in fact.  After word got out about the political Nostradamus, new organizations offered Silver millions of dollars for his services.  So when it comes to election results, if this guy chooses to speak, you should choose to listen. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Conservatives: "Our Blacks" are Better than Liberal Blacks (Daily Show VIDEO)

Anne Coulter @ 4:40:
"They can't stand that a Black man much Blacker than Obama and a real American Black is this right-winger."
I gotta say, I brush off a lot of the nonsense we see in today's sensationalism-driven media as merely par for the course, but this has to be one of the most offensive, ignorant, racist and all around piece of trash comments that I've heard in a long time.  I put this comment above her other ignorant comment about "our blacks" because:

1. this comment presumes to lecture Black people about the different levels of if Ann Coulter has any idea what it means to be "more Black" or "less Black" or that such concepts even exist within the Black community; and

2. this comment goes on to assume that Herman Cain is somehow "more Black" than Obama; and

3. this comment also goes on to assume that somehow Obama is not a "real American Black" if Obama, who was born in America, is somehow not an American Black.

Anybody care to comment on this rubbish?

The US Senate -It's a Man's World

The US Senate has often been described as a club, a boy's club.  There are 17 women in the Senate. Some people wish to increase that number and are deeply worried about the coming elections. For some activists, political analysts and female Senators, the prospect of having a US Senate with fewer women is just horrible. Worse it's bad for democracy.

Ok. I have no issue with stating that representative institutions should try to be, well representative. That's fine. However as usually is the case when these kinds of discussions pop up the people agitating for more women in the US Senate fall back on hyperbolic claims that the US Senate or democracy itself would somehow be transformed for the better because women somehow have special insights or are just more moral than men.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Book of the Month: Touré's "Who's Afraid of Post-Blackness?: What It Means to Be Black Now"

Who's Afraid of Post-Blackness?: What It Means to Be Black Now




In the age of Obama, racial attitudes have become more complicated and nuanced than ever before. Inspired by a president who is unlike any Black man ever seen on our national stage, we are searching for new ways of understanding Blackness. In this provocative new book, iconic commentator and journalist TourÉ tackles what it means to be Black in America today.

TourÉ begins by examining the concept of “Post-Blackness,” a term that defines artists who are proud to be Black but don't want to be limited by identity politics and boxed in by race. He soon discovers that the desire to be rooted in but not constrained by Blackness is everywhere. In Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness? he argues that Blackness is infinite, that any identity imaginable is Black, and that all expressions of Blackness are legitimate.

Here, TourÉ divulges intimate, funny, and painful stories of how race and racial expectations have shaped his life and explores how the concept of Post-Blackness functions in politics, society, psychology, art, culture, and more. He knew he could not tackle this topic all on his own so he turned to 105 of the most important luminaries of our time for frank and thought-provoking opinions, including the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Cornel West, Henry Louis Gates Jr., Malcolm Gladwell, Michael Eric Dyson, Melissa Harris-Perry, Harold Ford Jr., Kara Walker, Kehinde Wiley, Glenn Ligon, Paul Mooney, New York Governor David Paterson, Greg Tate, Aaron McGruder, Soledad O'Brien, Kamala Harris, Chuck D, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and many others.

By engaging this brilliant, eclectic group, and employing his signature insight, courage, and wit, TourÉ delivers a clarion call on race in America and how we can change our perceptions for a better future. Destroying the notion that there is a correct way of being Black, Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness? will change how we perceive race forever.

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The Republican Party: Art of (Voter) War

Is it just me or does anyone else find the systematic dissection of those that would traditionally vote democratic alarming?

I must hand it to the Republicans; this is where they start to show their real genius. In response to being overly pissed off at the election of President Obama, the Republicans took “Sun Tzu” level steps in ensuring the election of someone like Obama [read into that however you’d like] never happens again. I say “Sun Tzu” level because this isn’t toe-to-toe, mano-a-mano, may the best man/woman win the election type tactics. This is the systematic dismantling of the democratic base – and those that vote for their democratic opponent – all done under the guise of austerity and fraud reduction. I mean it makes sense, why beat the individual in a “fair” election when you can remove those that vote for your opponent rendering them powerless. Sounds as if it comes straight from Art of War doesn’t it?

American Royalty: Aristocracy, Extravagance and a Negative Economy

After 72 days Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have called their marriage quits. News of the pending divorce erupted on Twitter, Facebook and across the blogosphere. Ryan Seacrest confirmed the break-up as did Kim-K herself. Ironically, the divorce announcement came at the end of the same month that E!'s Kim Kardashian wedding special aired and before the premiere of Kim and Kourtney take New York where Kris Humphries is prominently displayed in the promo.

The Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries union was billed as Kim's Fairytale Wedding. It was considered the social event of the year and for those invited an up close and personal look at American royalty. The term "American Royalty" is thrown around often in reference to celebrities that are larger than life and living out some kind of Cinderella complex to the delight of image consuming audiences everywhere.

Just months ago the term was again attached to Beyonce and Jay-Z after the very public announcement of the coming heir to The Throne. The term is attached to singers; Pop Princess, King of Pop, King of Rock & Roll, Queen of Soul, Queen of Hip-Hop Soul. The term is attached to politicians; think President Obama's inauguration. The term is attached to so many, so much that it is trite.

But not only is the term trite; it in and of itself is in direct conflict with the principals of this country.

Under What Circumstances Should Children Be Tried As Adults?

A Woman is in Critical Condition After a Shopping Cart Lands on Her

This story bothers me quite a bit, so I am interested to see if anyone else shares the same sentiment on the fate of these two children.

A woman was clinging to life Sunday after a shopping cart — pushed off a ledge by a group of teens in East Harlem — plummeted four stories and landed on her head, cops and witnesses said.

The 47-year-old woman was with a young boy when the red cart dropped from a walkway that connects a Target store to a parking lot near E. 116th St. and Pleasant Ave. about 5:45 p.m., cops and witnesses said.

Moments before, Carlos Vargas, 35, said he spotted the young hooligans pushing the cart near the fourth-level parking lot.

“Their friend was trying to stop it, saying, ‘Don’t do it!’ ” Vargas recalled. “But they didn’t care.”

“Whatever happens, happens,” Vargas said one of the teens responded before they launched the cart from the overhead walkway.

The cart bounced off a sign before landing on the unidentified woman below, witnesses said.

“Her son, a young boy about 10 years old, was on top of her crying,” Vargas said. “It was bone-chilling to see that.”

“It hit her in the head. She just collapsed,” said Orlando Campos, 30, who ran to help the woman as blood pooled around her head. “She wasn’t moving at all.”

Emergency workers responded within minutes and rushed the woman to Harlem Hospital, where she was in critical condition last night.

Police were reviewing surveillance footage to try to identify the suspects. No arrests were immediately made.

Take 2 - Debt Ceiling Debate

Welcome to November Urban Politico Readers:

We are 23 days away from Thanksgiving, 53 days away from Christmas, and 371 days away from the 2012 Presidential Election. At this point, these small milestones are probably not on your radar and they probably shouldn't be. Brace yourself for this month will be filled with lots of political theater. Up on deck is November 23rd - the deadline for the The Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction aka "The SuperCommittee," to put forth their recommendations for further deficit reduction. In the words of Congressman Cleaver, on November 23 America will be served a "Satan Sandwhich."