Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Bush Administration - No Jail for Us!

Disclaimer: I am fully aware that this is a photoshopped picture of the Bush Administration.

I received an interesting email from a friend on Monday regarding recent comments made by former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. In this email my friend asked:

"Since the whole reasoning behind invading Iraq in03 turned out to be a total lie, shouldnt there have been a serious war crimes trial or something?"
Well it looks like Canada answered this question over the weekend.

For the past several months members of the Bush Administration have been popping up left and right, attempting to rewrite history through a series of fairy-tales and fables that they've disguised as memoirs. I find it amazing that former US President George W Bush is comfortable enough to set foot out of his home, let alone attend summits in other nations, countries party to the Geneva Convention.

The protest, which was smaller and less rowdy than a recent demonstration in Vancouver outside a speech by former U.S. vice-president Dick Cheney, took over a major intersection - 152nd Street and 104th Avenue - for about 30 minutes, snarling traffic.
Surrey RCMP Cpl. Drew Grainger said afterwards that there were no arrests or violent incidents. "It went very smoothly, very much according to plan."

Grainger said the RCMP had no "lawful authority" to arrest Bush, adding that such decisions could only be made by the Canadian government.

Road closures in the area lasted throughout the day and traffic was rerouted, causing minor delays, he added.

The protest was called by Amnesty International and other groups, including the Canadian Centre for International Justice, which has argued that the Canadian government has the legal obligation under the UN Convention Against Torture to prosecute political leaders such as Bush who allegedly sanctioned the torture of prisoners.

At the beginning of 2009 newly elected US President Barack Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder made the decision to NOT prosecute officials of the Bush Administration for their various violations of US and International Laws and rightfully so. The country had too many pressing issues to address and it is my belief that, this would have exhausted our resources and prevented the new administration from addressing the challenging issues that faced the nation and needed immediate attention. This is where the aid of our allies should come into place.

Am I surprised that George W Bush was NOT arrested in Canada? No! However, I had hopes that one of our allies would aid us in this situation and hold Bush and his administration accountable for their illegals actions and gross handling of the wars.

No matter how you slice or dice it, water boarding IS torture. It doesn't matter what the lawyers told President Bush, it doesn't matter what Dick Cheney says or Condoleezza Rice for that matter, water boarding IS torture. The administration also denied prisoners of Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp their due process which violates the Geneva Convention as well. Both of these offenses are considered Grave Breaches of the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions and are enough to not only ask questions, but take actions. It's a classic case of the "pot calling the kettle black." The US is quick to condemn other nations and leaders for their violations of international law or inhumane treatment of citizens and/or prisoners. Let's see which nation has the guts to step up and hold these people accountable for their actions.

Were you surprised that former President Bush was NOT arrested in Canada?
At any point in time, do you think members of the Bush Administration will be brought to justice for their war crimes?
Was the Obama Administration right to take prosecution of the Bush Administration off the table?

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