Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bill Maher: GOP Must Accept Their Current Bad Candidates (VIDEO)

On this past Friday's Real Time on HBO, Bill Maher raised an interesting point about this current Republican Party's modus operandi when it comes to throwing their support behind the current GOP Presidential hopefuls. 

First, they were in love with Donald Trump who rose to prominence by calling into question Obama's birth certificate - apparently an issue which resonated well with GOP/Tea Party voters.  But soon reality set in and they realized that Trump was just telling them what they wanted to hear in order to boost his TV show ratings and, even if he wasn't, there was ZERO chance Trump could actually be elected President of the United States of America.

Then Bachmann came along spouting pretty much the same Tea Party nonsense as Trump (minus the birth certificate issue) and they flocked to her in droves and then dropped her like a hot potato the minute that Rick Perry arrived on the scene.

But the base quickly soured with Perry and now apparently Mr. 9 pizzas with 9 toppings for 9 bucks is leading the pack in the polls.  And since we all know that the GOP is not comfortable with the concept of a Black President, it should come at no surprise that they are now calling for a new candidate to enter the race to replace Herman Cain: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

This begs the question: what does all this bouncing around from unelectable candidate to unelectable candidate say about the Republican base?

Watch Maher's break down after the jump:

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