Tuesday, September 20, 2011


CNN reported a few minutes ago that the Georgia Board of Pardons has just denied clemency for Troy Davis, who we have been blogging about recently and is scheduled to be executed this Wednesday morning.

Unfortunately the shadow of doubt, which has loomed over the conviction as well as the sentence, was not enough to move GA into changing their original decision. As everyone knows, there has been overwhelming support by the country, as well as some individuals in high places who have spoken out against the validity of the Troy Davis verdict. As if that were not enough the GA State Board of Pardons was handed as petition in support of Troy with over 660,000 signatures.

Denying clemency for Troy Davis is not just about his case, it is about the entire justice system of Georgia being virtually a joke. They have chosen to put their careers and reputation above the justice they swore to uphold and worst above the life of a fellow human being.
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