Friday, September 2, 2011

Breaking News: T.I. Released from FED Then Rejailed

According to TMZ, Rapper T.I is back in Federal custody after only having been released for one day. He allegedly told the Arkansas prison staff that he would be leaving prison and transported to a halfway house in Atlanta via "some sort of" van, however, he was transported in his tour bus instead. The Federal Bureau of Prisons deemed the tour bus "unacceptable transportation" and that the rapper "mislead" law enforcement  into thinking he would use a low key mode. No drugs or alcohol were found on the bus or used by TI. He arrived at the halfway house in atlanta sober and on time....however, despite the halfway house manager protesting that the order was "ridiculous" to the Federal Marshal, TI was returned to federal custody at an Atlanta Penitentary last night.

This is nothing new though. Rappers are often the target of unwarranted searches and arrests. The FBI admitted to having a file on EVERY rapper in the industry, weather they have a criminal history or not. It is no secret though that entertainers in general, rappers in particular make it easy for law enforcement and whatever conspiracies may exist, as a result of their sometimes reckless lifestyles, filled with drugs, alcohol and weapons.

Should TI had been more specific with law enforcement about his tour bus coming to get and transport him? If no drugs or alcohol were being used (TI is rumored to be a non-drinker) then what is wrong with a tour bus picking him up? Also, why was he even allowed to get on the bus (prison staff allegedly even took pictures with TI and his wife on the bus) and get all the way to Atlanta, before he was told it was an "unacceptable" mode of transportation?

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