Monday, August 1, 2011

Hypocrisy at its Finest!

I am not a parent, but I understand the parent to child relationship to be a sacred one. I have god children, nieces and a nephew, whom I care about dearly and feel strongly enough for, that I would lie down on train tracks for them, if it meant they wouldn't have to suffer or be in harms way. I also know first hand the consequences of having a parent who didn't care enough about me and made reckless and selfish decisions, for their own self interests. I know first hand the ordeal that one parent must face, when the other decides to be irresponsible and not provide for the children. The job of a parent is to put their child or children FIRST at all times. Nothing should prevent you from being the best parent you can be and nothing should prevent you from going above and beyond for your child or children - BOTTOM-LINE! I have no sympathy and zero tolerance for deadbeat parents, in this case a dead beat dad. Pay your child support and if you can't do so, move mountains to make sure that you can.

US Congressman, Joe Walsh had these words for President Obama regarding the debt-ceiling debate.
"I won't place one more dollar of debt upon the backs of my kids and grandkids, unless we structurally reform, the way this town spends money."
So here we have Rep. Joe Walsh worried about the debt as it would apply to his children and future grandchildren. This is interesting coming from Rep. Walsh, since he owe's his wife more than $117K in child support, from a period where he claimed to be umemployed with no income or money to aide his ex-wife in supporting their children, but ironically had $35K to loan his campaign to run for congress.

Joe Walsh is a member of the Freshman Class of Tea-Party Republicans, who were swept into Congress to "restore fiscal sanity" to Washington. These members of the Republican Party, ride a platform of family values and often cite their children and grandchildren as reasoning for policy decisions. It seems that Joe Walsh is not qualified to define what fiscal sanity is and knows nothing about family values. According to a law suite filed by Walsh's ex-wife Laura Walsh, Joe owes her more than $117K in child support for a period dating November 2005 to December 2010. During this time, Walsh made partial or no payments. Prior to his election to Congress, Walsh states that he was unemployed and unable to make the agreed upon child support payments in full. According to Congressional Financial Disclosures, Walsh loaned his 2010 congressional campaign $35K and also paid himself back $14k for the loan. Where did Mr. Walsh get the $35K to loan his campaign and why did a congressional campaign take precedence over his children. Walsh also took a vacation with his companion to Italy and Mexico.

In court filings Laura Walsh's Attorney said:
"The apparent availability of large sums of money from either his employment, his family or his campaign has allowed him to live quite a comfortable lifestyle, while at the same time, due to his failure to pay child support or any of his share of the education costs or medical expenses, Laura and his children were denied any of these advantages."
The people of Illinois 8th Congressional District should be grateful, that Mr. Walsh has given them an accurate portrayal of his morals and character. Constituents across the country should also take a lesson and connect Mr. Walsh to his tea-party colleagues in Congress. The hypocrisy spreads across the tea-party caucus and should be taken seriously. How can we trust a member of Congress to represent their constituents and put the interests of the constituents above their own, when they won't even do the same for their children? My heart goes out to Laura Walsh, it's difficult to raise children without the help of the other parent.

If you were unemployed and behind on child support payments to your former spouse and had access to funds from other sources, would you finance a congressional run or give the money to your former spouse for your children?

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