Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crushing the Country Does Not Crush Obama: An Open Letter to Donald Trump

It's six days and counting until the country defaults on its debt by not raising the debt ceiling. The impact of failing to complete a routine action will be catastrophic not only for this country and its citizens but for people around the world. IMF Chief Christine Lagarde is already nervous and Tuesday, August 2nd is not even here yet. But you know who's not nervous about the debt ceiling? You know who doesn't care if the United States defaults on its debt for the first time ever? You know who doesn't give two turds about the elderly not receiving social security, taxes increasing, the economy faltering, military contracts not being paid out, or the United States government rendered incapable to run because it has become incapacitated, strangled by the chokehold of its mounting debt and lack of money to pay said debt? You know who doesn't care.... Motherfreaking Donald Trump.

Oh yeah the Donald is back and with a vengeance.

He says Republicans shouldn't cut a deal unless they get 100 percent of what they want. 100 percent. This is despite the fact that even Thomas Jefferson didn't believe this. As the President quoted Monday night:

"Every man cannot have his way in all things. Without this mutual disposition, we are disjointed individuals, but not a society."

Yet in still Trump thinks the Republicans should get everything that they want. If they don't get all the debilitating spending cuts then they should let the debt deadlock turn into default and let Obama take the blame so that he doesn't get re-elected. But don't take the paraphrasing from me. Hear it out of the man's mouth.

I understand that Republicans are on this whole "One and Done" kick when it comes to the President. However, to try and make that happen on the backs of working families who have all agreed that the debt ceiling crisis is an issue both sides need to get over is beyond a mess. Furthermore for Donald Trump to come out and make this argument it just seems like envy.

You know Donald Trump's still seething from that verbal butt-whooping Obama laid on him at the White House Correspondents dinner where he showed his birth certificate, had a video montage of his birth certificate dancing, cracked on Trumps choice of work as puppet master of Celebrity Apprentice, and then had Osama bin Laden killed to cap off a f***ing fantastic weekend. You know Donald Trump's still mad that Obama did all of that in 72 hours thus ending his bid for the Presidency before it ever really began. This is now Donald Trump's way of getting the POTUS back.

Umm... Mr. Trump... dare I say come a little harder. The president is a gangster. Bill Maher said so.

But beyond the President's south side of Chicago tendencies, you Mr. Trump sincerely believe that the "Blame Obama" mentality will prevent him from winning re-election. I mean, dude, do you live in this country? People make the wrong choice all the time, or are you unaware of the recall elections?

But let me stop using you as my whipping-boy and get to the point. Mr. Trump just because you have millions of dollars upon millions of dollars does not mean everyone will survive the economic s***storm that will shower down on the world in the ugliest brown muck you have ever seen. Just because your stock portfolio is back to boasting high profits and returns from all companies accept your own does not mean that us 98-percenters can say the same. Just because you will never need a social security check or government contract to secure your well being does not mean the rest of this country, or the world, does not.

The fact of the matter is, Mr. Trump, you are the exception not the rule. You are the minority not the majority. The debt ceiling is a real crisis that needs to be handled by grown men and women instead of grown a$$ babies like you and your cronies in the Republican party who can't see past the stupid tunnel vision logic of "one and done" to actually do something for people who have no care for partisan politics that, at this point, have done nothing but to prove just how intransigent Washington really is.

Mr. Trump, while you may have never experienced the Great Recession many of us did and still are. Unemployment is at 9.2 percent. That means 1 in 10 people are unemployed. For Black folks that number is 1 in 6. Numbers and ratios will inevitably balloon with a debt default and credit downgrade, as taxes will increase and selfish rich sons of whoever you are will refuse to hire as you've been doing even though you alone are the job creators.

I'm tired. I'm tired of the intransigence and obstruction. I'm tired of speeches posturing that you cannot compromise. I'm tired of seeing the President go in on your party and still come back, be the bigger man, and offer you an olive branch to save face. I'm tired of politicians telling me what their plans will do when the Government Accountability Office says such plans won't even do half of what is promised. I'm tired of the deadlock, the gridlock, the arguing, the press conferences, the politicking, and the campaigning when half of those blowing smoke aren't even running for office. I'm just tired.

This is what I want you to do Mr. Trump. Sit down, shut up, and keep your opinions to yourself. I don't care if you are conducting a live interview on TV. If someone asks your opinion on politics you better answer about the politics of the fight between Nene and Star Jones. If someone asks you about debt, or the debt ceiling, you better answer in regards to the latest bankruptcy one of your companies recently emerged from. If someone asks you about the economy, the President, the wars, taxes, or anything else of which you cannot relate to on an everyday level, keep it everyday and relate to your own personal household, company, and various business ventures of which you are the HHIC. (Head Hair in Charge...I'm not that disrespectful)

Now as for our failing Government....

Dear Mr. President, Speaker Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Eric Cantor, Dick Durbin and the rest of you Congressional leaders who like to assemble around microphones and make speeches about exactly what you're not going to do. I need you to pool your clerks together and get them to write a piece of legislation like they've never written a piece of legislation before. I need it written like yesterday, reviewed like today, and voted on no later than tomorrow.

For too long every last one of you have been dragging your feet on an issue that is motherfreaking routine. Routine. As in run of the mill. Do it all the time. It's no sweat. I can do it in my sleep it's just that easy. Routine. The President of the United States has asked you once to raise the debt ceiling during his Presidency. Not seven times like Bush 43, or 18 times like your beloved Reagan, but once. He didn't ask for a blank check to go spending money on frivolities like new tax cuts, and corporate loopholes. He didn't even ask for a blank check. He asked for some "common-sense reforms" and whether you agree with them or not you gave it to him. So since you've been in the giving spirit all this time of giving the President what he wants, even if it is begrudgingly, do it again when it umm.... ACTUALLY MATTERS.

This is not about ending President Obama's presidential aspirations. I mean dude is already President the aspiration is a reality. This isn't even about the President, or you for that matter. Washington will run and those who run it will be paid regardless of whether the Nation defaults on its debts. This is about the people you have sworn under the oath of God to represent and protect. You must realize that just because your grievances allow you to crush the country and unfortunately its citizens under tight credit markets, taxes, and unemployment does not mean that you will crush the President and his dreams of re-election or any other politician and their political aspirations.

Only we the people can do that. That means some 308 million against 535. Congress, the odds are not in your favor.

Please don't test us. Do what needs to be done sooner rather than later and then go about building anew what seems to be irreparably broken; the budget, the economy, the comfortable American way of life for all of us not just some.

I'm asking you nicely.

If I have to ask again, it will be next November with my vote.

You won't like the result.

That is a promise not a threat.

Have a good day.

--The Storyteller

1. Do you think millionaires such as Donald Trump should discuss the debt ceiling when they are the ones least affected?
2. Do you think the debt ceiling will be raised before the Tuesday deadline?
3. If it is not raised who do you blame and will you blame them with your vote?
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