Thursday, June 16, 2011

Should the Game of Politics Trump Honesty?

Without a shadow of a doubt, our nation is facing very difficult times. We have a high unemployment rate and many are beginning to lose hope. All of us here at The Urban Politico are extremely grateful for the various careers we’ve each been blessed with. I can also tell you that many of us at times, feel frustrated with our jobs or disappointed with certain aspects of our life. Some mornings we wake up and we may not feel like going to work. Some mornings we get to work and the day can turn into total chaos and for a couple of minutes, we hate our job. This is normal and the feelings are honest of an individual and a part of life. Imagine you were in a position where you have these very feelings, except those aspects of life are much broader and have greater significance and impact. What if you were never allowed to take a sick day, because if you did, your boss would broadcast your choice along with false reasons for that choice, over company email? What if you had all these great ideas to make your company a better place or stronger competitor, but you had a majority of your co-workers blocking your ideas, never letting them see the day of light?

In a recent interview, President Obama sat down with NBC’s Ann Curry during his tour of a North Carolina lighting manufacturer. Curry and the President discussed the economy, the nations progress and of course his upcoming re-election.

Ann Curry asked the President

“ have you ever thought to yourself that maybe one term is enough?“

The President chuckled and replied

“well I’m sure there are days where I say that one term is enough. what keeps me going is a belief that the work that we started in 2009 is not yet complete.”

This was an honest reply. We all feel this way at times. However, there are liberals who are taking issue with the President’s honest answer, to Ann’s question. Today, Progressive Talk Radio Host Ed Shultz cited the answer as weak. Some caller’s disagreed and some caller’s said the President shouldn’t have spoken so honestly, for fear of misinterpretation by his opposition. So now the President must lie about how he really feels, because his opposition might use it against him. At what point will the nit-picking stop? Who cares what the Anti-Obama Coalition thinks! These people are going to find fault in him, regardless of what he says or does. I want honest answers from my President, not political talk or answers that could potentially mislead the American people.

Are we now asking the President to censor himself and lie about his true feelings for the sake of politics?

Do you find fault in the President’s answer?

Is the President showing signs of weakness or is he strong enough to remain in office another term?
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