Monday, June 6, 2011

Guest Post: Sarah Palin’s “Real Pro-American” Tour

Old Guru honors us again Today with another Guest Post.  We're honoring his request to suspend our moratorium on Sarah Palin So he can get somethings off his chest.  So please extend him the same courtesy and let him know how you feel in the comments below.


So I’m riding on my daily commuter bus to D.C. and I notice that many of my fellow passengers are reading newspapers with a fancy bus on it or staring at a brightly decorated bus on their iPad screens.  I glanced over at the young woman next to me and realize she was reading an article about a fancy bus as well.  Being the curious person that I am, I strained my eyes through my glasses to see why every one was reading about some tricked out tour bus.

I quickly realized that the bus belonged to Sarah Palin’s political action committee, SaraPAC, and because I voraciously read anything dealing with the former Governor of Alaska, I pulled out my touch phone, clicked the internet icon, and searched the web for more information about her newest venture.

Almost immediately, I realized what a hoax her trip around the United States was.  Dubbed the “One Nation Tour,” Palin has managed to finagle the American People into donating money for her summer vacation around the US.  Apparently, because this trip is paid for by her PAC and because she is not an actual presidential candidate, she can use the funds for personal expenses, including her mortgage, and doesn’t have the stringent reporting requirements to deal with.  But that is another story; my real agitation came from statements that Palin made surrounding her tour.  Apparently, the former governor is taking this trip to:

“…educate and energize Americans about our Nation’s founding principles,
  in order to promote the Fundamental Restoration of America.” 

In addition, Palin has stated that she is focusing on “America, its foundations and its freedoms.”  “Hmmm,” I thought, as my mind ventured back to Palin’s 2008 statement in Greensboro, North Carolina about visiting the “real America, the Pro-Americans”.  I wonder which founding principles Palin is referring to.  Also, what does the Fundamental Restoration of America even mean?  Does she mean freedoms for African Americans as well?  More importantly, does Palin really know or for that matter, even care, about the founding principles of this Country.  **Spoiler Alert: I’m about to discuss racism in America.**

I believe Palin is well versed in the racist foundation of this country.  I think Palin is quite aware that the founding fathers, whose names she so quickly tosses out, owned slaves and clearly did not intend for African Americans to benefit from the Constitution. (See Three-fifths Compromise).  In fact, Palin knows that her core constituency is poor, white, racist, poorly educated, southern, middle-aged or older, and did I say racist?  Her tour is another clever, if I can use that word to discuss anything that Palin does, subtle way of reminding her followers that President Obama is not a “real American.” Appealing to their lust for dehumanizing African-Americans, especially our sitting President, has not only made Palin an uber-celebrity, but it has made her rich beyond her wildest dreams.

Palin knows that talk of the real America, or founding principals, or Constitutional rights ignite fire in some of her more ignorant supporters in the same manner as members of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. when they hear George Clinton’s Atomic Dog.   She clearly is aware that all her talk of restoring America and reestablishing its founding principals cause some to grab their pitchforks and torches and plan marches in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  This is what makes Palin so dangerous.

You don’t agree?  Oh, you believe Palin is really going on tour to excite her base about her possible candidacy?  I’ll wait while you wipe the Kool-Aid from your lips.  You heard it here: SARAH PALIN WILL NOT RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012!!!  She is taking this trip partly for publicity, partly to have her summer vacation paid for, and last but not least, partly to push her warped Tea Party message that our President, her President, is a Kenyan outsider who is not like the rest of America and who has a tail. (Seriously, some people still think African Americans have tails)

Now to get back to Palin’s little summer vacation.  If she wanted to vacation for free – fine.  If she wanted to earn a little publicity to get more cash – fine.  If she wanted to raise her profile to negate her standing in recent polls – fine.  But to me, going across the country with a subtle message of racism really shows this woman’s true colors.  It is clear that Palin doesn’t really do black (name one African American on her staff), but she is clearly igniting race-fury all the while claiming that she is exciting America about its foundation.  I am American, what is she doing to excite me?  I actually want to forget a large portion of this country’s past.  And I’m sure many Native Americans, Japanese, and Latinos would like to as well.

Hey, I recognize that Palin excites Republicans.  I understand that she is a fund raising juggernaut.  I even see why the GOP likes to put her up against President Obama.  What I do not understand is why Palin uses subtle racism to propel herself to the forefront of whatever it is she is trying to do.  I do not get why Palin, who clearly understands the racist undertones of her message, continues to spew racist venom every chance she gets.  I truly hope that the other Republican hopefuls stay clear of Palins ignorant message and try to convince Americans that they have the best plan for America based on substance and merit, not by playing the race card.      

 Politicians should be inclusive, they should appeal to ALL Americans, not just a subset, they should be honest to their constituents, and they should promote what is best about this country.  This country is full of people with different ethnicities, cultures, religions, and sexual orientations.  This is the America I know and that I have come to love.  Politicians like Palin, should focus on unifying these groups, who in my opinion, comprise the real America.

Does Sarah Palin's tour mean she is serious about running for President in 2012?

Do you agree that her message is laced with racial undertones? 

Is Sarah Palin in it for the money, or is she really concerned about bettering the entire country?
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