Friday, June 3, 2011

Chris Christie: Mr. Fiscal Responsibility

Don't throw stones when you live in a GLASS HOUSE.

The "King" of fiscal responsibility has shown New Jersey his true colors, once again. Governor Chris Christie has demonstrated his lack of judgement and an intentional disregard for New Jersey residents and the states struggling economy. The Governor used a New Jersey State Police Helicopter to attend his son's baseball game on two occasions. The trip in question took place on Tuesday evening, when Governor Christie and his wife flew from their son's baseball game, to the Governors Mansion in Princeton, NJ. Awaiting Governor and Mrs. Christie were the top brass of GOP campaign contributors, seeking Christie's consideration to a 2012, presidential run. No official state matters, no state of emergency, no snow storms, and certainly no New Jersey school children in need - purely the influence of wealth and greed, persuaded Governor Christie to hasten his commute. According to the New Jersey State Police, Governor Christie's usage of the helicopter was of no additional cost to New Jersey taxpayers. The pilots need the flying time to keep their skills in tact, so the helicopter would have flown with or without Christie on board. On Thursday afternoon, with no remorse and his usual condescending and unapologetic tone, Governor Christie announced that he had reimbursed the state $2,100 and asked the New Jersey Republican Party to chip in an additional $1,200.

"I understand that people think differently about oh you're in a helicopter, because they don't have a helicopter, so they think differently about that, they have a car so maybe that's less offensive to them."

Actually, what's offensive, is Governor Christie's insensitive attitude and clear disconnect from reality. The Governor also seemed annoyed that taxpayers resent paying for his personal travel expenditures. There are parents across his state, who don't have the luxury of attending their child's sporting events. Those parents have granted the Governor's wish for sacrifice and work a second or third job, to keep a roof over their families head. Their are also schools across the state who've been forced to cut their athletic departments and sports team, due to Governor Christie's recent cuts to state education funding. Governor Christie must know this or is he that out of touch. Governor Christie is asking for shared sacrifice and that sacrifice should include the Christie family as well.

I respect Governor Christie's dedication to his children and understand the comparison of his low chopper usage to his predecessors. However, this is unacceptable. This is a Governor who touts himself as a fiscal conservative, someone who is credited with bringing sanity to government spending. His helicopter ride was insane. the decision was not reflective of his platform and he needs to be held accountable for his actions. With the Governor's recent Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Proposal, its very important that he practices, what he preaches.

Do you agree with Governor Christie's decision to take the helicopter to his son's game?

Is this an abuse of power?

Are inappropriate actions and insensitive actions the same?
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