Friday, May 13, 2011

Still No RIP for Gary Coleman

Nearly one year after the tragic death of Gary Coleman, the actor's remains have still not been buried or cremated, according to his former manager. Apparently burial plans have been put on hold because of a legal battle between Coleman's parents and his estranged wife.

As we all remember Coleman died on May 28th of last year from a brain hemmorage and since then, as his manager, Vic Perillo stated his image and legacy have been riddled with information focusing on the negative aspects of his life and career.

"This was not the proper and dignified manner to show respect for the magnificent talent the world TV and film audience knew in Gary Coleman," Perillo said, according to "This was not the send-off he deserved."

I tend to agree with Mr. Perillo. Too many times when a talent like Gary Coleman is taken from us, we forget the wonderful accomplishments a man like him had made, despite overwhelmingly disproportionate odds. As a child of the 80's I remember movies like "On the Right Track" and "The Kid With the 200 IQ" and of course Different Strokes. Gary Coleman was a talented and adorable kid. He did what many aspire to, but few have been unable to accomplish and for that he deserves our respect and a proper burial/tribute. No doubt the man was as far from perfect as they come but aren't we all? Don't we all at the end of the day require little beyond the love of family members and other loved ones? Coleman's parents should be ashamed that they are so obsessed with the love of money, they exploited there own son his entire life and so far even in his death.

But I digress.

Why not take a few moments to remember the talented kid, that coined the simple, but hilarious phrase, "whatchutalkinbout?" His combed in afro part was the inspiration behind my most embarrassing childhood portraits. Despite is controversial, some may say troubled life, Coleman gave us gifts that we will enjoy for many years to come and deserved the kind of proper closer that comes with being a human being. We hope that you will enjoy this short tribute to our fallen brother and remember that deep down, in our own self-righteousness are the same contradictions we enjoy everyday, without the limelight following us, judging us and scrutinizing our every move.

RIP Gary Coleman
From The Urban Politico

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