Monday, April 11, 2011

That isn't rain Mr. President

The most recent budget negotiations reminded me of a Quentin Tarantino joke:

This guy comes into a bar, walks up to the bartender. Says, "Bartender, I got me a bet for you. I'm gonna bet you $300 that I can piss into that glass over there and not spill a single, solitary drop." The bartender looks. I mean, we're talking, like, this glass is like a good ten feet away. He says, "Now wait, let me get this strait. You're tryin' to tell me you'll bet me $300 that you can piss, standing over here, way over there into that glass, and not spill a single drop?" Customer looks up and says, "That's right." Bartender says, "Young man, you got a bet." The guy goes, "Okay, here we go. Here we go." Pulls out his thing. He's lookin' at the glass, man. He's thinkin' about the glass. He's thinkin' about the glass. Glass. He's thinkin' about the glass, glass. Thinkin' about his dick. Dick, glass, dick, glass, dick, glass, dick, glass, dick, glass, dick, glass, dick, glass. And then, *foosh*, he lets it rip. And he-he's pisses all over the place, man. He's pissin' on the bar. He pissin' on the stools, on the floor, on the phone, on the bartender! He's pissing everywhere except the f***ing glass! Right? Okay. So, bartender, he's laughing his f***in' ass off. He's $300 richer. He's like, "Ha, ha, ha, ha!" Piss dripping off his face. "Ha, ha, ha, ha!" He says, "You f***ing idiot, man! You got it in everything except the glass! You owe me $300 punta." Guy goes, "Excuse me just one-one little second." Goes in the back of the bar. In back, there's a couple of guys playing pool. He walks over to them. Comes back to the bar. Goes, "Here you go, Mr. Bartender, 300." And the bartender's like, "What the f*** are you so happy about? You just lost $300, idiot!" The guy says, "Well, see those guys over there? I just bet them $500 a piece that I could piss on your bar, piss on your floor, piss on your phone, and piss on you, and not only would you not be mad about it, you'd be happy."

President Obama, YOU are the bar tender! 

Understand.  The Republican Tea Party Just beat the SHIT out of the President of the United States and the Democratic party.  For the FY11 budget, President Obama asked for $40 billion above FY10's budget.  The Republican Tea Party was having none of that.  And riding the wave of the 2010 elections, the Republicans 'promised' their supporters to cut the budget by $100 million. They completely annihilated the initial $40 billion the president requested, AND "negotiated" an additional reduction of $38.5.  That is almost $79 billion below what the president originally asked for.  Not only was President Obama NOT MAD, he was happy:

In the end, the real negotiation was not between the Republicans and the Democrats, or even the Republicans and the White House. It was between John Boehner and the conservative wing of his party. And once that became clear, it turned out that Boehner’s original offer wasn’t even in the middle. It was slightly center-left.

But you would’ve never known it from President Obama’s encomium to the agreement. Obama bragged about “making the largest annual spending cut in our history.” Harry Reid joined him, repeatedly calling the cuts “historic.”
Ezra Klein, Washington Post          
Mr. President, if this is how you negotiate, the Progressive movement is in trouble.  While I appreciate any movement in health care reform, let's be honest, you caved!  First, they pissed on the floor and now we don't have either a single-payer or Medicare for all program. Then they pissed on your bar, and you gave in on extending Bush's tax cuts, which we KNOW has hurt the economy.  Now Mr. President, they just pissed on you.  You gave them damn near 80% of what they were asking for.  And not only are you not pissed, you are happy about it!  I would love to sit down for a hand of Texas Hold 'em with you, Mr. President!!! 

Justice Stevens said that it wasn't him who moved to the left, but the court that moved to the right. In a similar fashion, the middle ground in our country is no longer in the middle, but to the right. Mr. President, you are not helping to keep it in the middle. Why should the Tea Party dictate the direction the entire country moves with no desire to meet the opposing views half way? They may have voted in the majority in the House of Representative, but WE voted in the majority in the Senate and in the White House. I didn’t/don’t want a government shutdown either (hell, I’m personally affected if it happens) but damn it, I do want you to stand your ground! If they are making republican demands, ask for Progressive demands. To get to the middle, you are going to have to pull harder to the left!

For example, with the debt ceiling; even though damn near EVERY legislator has stated that not raising the debt limit would be have catastrophic impact, Leader Beohner has already gone on record saying that to raise the limit, the Democrats are going to have to give something up:
"My members won't vote to increase the debt limit unless we take serious steps in the right direction,"

WTF????  So let me get this right… to give the Republicans something they want… The President must ... GIVE THEM SOMETHING THEY WANT?

Mr. President, this is where you take a stand. They put Planned Parenthood on the table, you put gun control. They put NPR on the table, you put oil subsidies. They put Health Care Reform, you put up a tax increase for the rich! If they want an inch, YOU demand a mile!

Above all else, stopped getting pissed on!!!
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