Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Start the movement: Ask WHY NOT?

"By saying we must increase taxes on the American people--as his budget does-- my response will be clear; tax increases are unacceptable and are a nonstarter."

This was Leader John Boehner's quote in response to questions about Obama's reduce-the-debt discussion.

Look, I have been a critique of President Obama and some of his recent "deals" with the Republican Party.  But I do have to take issue with the Republican Party's attempt to act like raising the taxes of the richest 1% is raising the taxes on everyone.  Why are they protecting that 1% as if they represent the entire country when they CLEARLY do not? 

So, I tweeted John Boehner, and asked him "why not?"  Of course, I didn't get a response, nor was I expecting to.  I just felt like the question needed to be asked.  For years, I've often wondered why that question wasn't be asked with more force than we currently hear.  WHY NOT?

The money we had in our country 10 years ago and 5 years ago, is still IN OUR country. It's just no longer in the hands of 95% of the country.  The majority of the money in our country is now in the hands of the upper 5%.  With a large chuck of that being horded by the top 1%. 

We spoke about this "American Dream Fallacy" problem back in February.  We know the income gap is growing. The rich KEEP making more money.  As a result, our country is in economic trouble.  We are clawing our way out, but the issue isn't that the money isn't there.  It is simply because it is not in the hands of the people who will spend the money to keep the economic hamsterball moving.

Here's what we know:

We know that in 2007, the top 400 highest-earning households in the United States averaged nearly $345,000,000, up 27% from 2006. And they paid federal income tax of 17% on average, the lowest in 15 years.

We know that the average annual salary of the top .01% is $27,000,000.

In 2010, the median salaries of CEO's jumped 27% while overall worker pay increased by just 2.1% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Three-quarters of CEOs got raises in 2010 with the majority seeing substantial increases!  The Median CEO pay in 2010 was $9,000,000 annually.  Additionally, the median bonuses went up 47% from $1,500,000 to $2,200,000 from 2009 to 2010.

Bottom line, the rich are getting richer, the middle class has vanished, and the rest lost their jobs. 

So my question to Leader Boehner is: Why Not?

Why can't we raise the taxes on, at least, the top 1%? 

The problem with congressional folks like Boehner and Eric Cantor, who questioned if raising taxes was the right thing to do considering the rise in gas prices and high unemployment, is that they are not being honest with the American public (shocking - I know).

Seriously!!!  Do you REALLY think someone who is making $2,000,000 a year is REALLY concerned about having to pay $1.20 more at the pump?  HELL NO!  As a matter of fact, they went out and bought their fifth 6 liter V8 engine Hummer that gets 9 mpg.  They could care less.  Why.... BECAUSE THEY MAKE $2,000,000 annually!!!

Do they honestly believe that the top 1% (or even 5%) represents the rest of the country?  Do they experience the same financial hardships?

So I asked! WHY NOT? 

We KNOW increasing revenues is part of the fix.  And I'm hoping to hear Obama say the same thing today in his debt speech. 

Does this mean we SHOULDN'T cut back on spending?  No, of course not.  But it sure as hell doesn't mean we shouldn't ask those who have benefited from loopholes in the tax code, the blood, sweat and tears of the middle class family, and deregulation, to donate a little more to keep the country they've been pimping for years from going under!

So I'm going to kick it off!  The WHY NOT campaign.  I tweeted Boehner yesterday and I will keep doing it until I get a response.  You should tweet him, Eric Cantor and anyone you feel owes a response.  Don't accept a bull shit response about gas tanks and energy hikes - we already know multi-millionaires aren't affected by that the same way the "bottom 95%" are.  Ask - WHY NOT?  Why can't we raise the taxes on the uber-rich!  NOT the common man, NOT Joe the Plumber, NOT you or I, but those that have more wealth than the half of all America combined!
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I think we should get a straight forward answer.  Why Not?  We can't we increase the tax rate 3% for the top 1%?

Anyone interested in asking the question? 
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