Sunday, March 13, 2011

As UN Contemplates No Fly Zone Libyan Rebels Lose Ground

For a while it seemed as if Libya was to emulate the Egyptian Revolution, but as more time lapses and the UN continues to mull over the no fly zone, the plight of the Libyan rebels is taking a turn for the worst.

Gadhafi's forces recaptured the key oil port of Ras Lanuf this weekend while continuing there march toward the rebels eastern strongholds. While the Arab League, a 22 nation coalition, continues to press the UN to initiate a no fly zone over the war torn country, to prevent Gadhafi forces from wiping out civilians, the UN as well as President Obama are stuck in limbo. France and Britain have called for a no fly zone in the past, yet the days and weeks are passing and the people of Libya are fighting for their survival, with no help from those who are in a position to do so.

Should the UN/US get involved in the civil war in Libya?

Why is the decision to initiate a no fly zone becoming such a drawn out battle?

What are the Libyan rebels fighting for exactly and why is there plight important?
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