Monday, March 21, 2011

11-year-old girl raped: Some in community say "She asked for it" - REALLY?

Some things in life have so many elements that are horrible on so many levels, at times I don't know what bothers me more or even where to begin.

Let me say this up front....

If an 11 year old girl, stood in front of ANYONE, butt naked with a neon sign that said "Come and get it boys" each and EVERYONE who took her up on her offer should be put into Gen Pop and let prison justice decide their fate!

I've tried to write this posting several times, and everytime I find myself cussing out the coward ass men and the community where this bull shit is taking place.  So I apologize up front if this posting makes little sense and ends up being nothing more than a rant.  I'm going to TRY to just put the information out there and let you all discuss it in the comment section.

Last November, 18+ (the exact number is still unknown) African American "men," ranging in age from 14 to 27, gang raped an 11 year old Hispanic girl.  The incident was recorded on a cell phone and passed around the young girl's class.

Indictments in the case say there also were attacks on Sept. 15 and Oct. 25. Each time, at least two individuals were allegedly involved. The indictments say the girl was attacked by at least three people in November.

So that's the background.  I don't even know where to begin here.  Disappointment...rage...nothing really begins to define my feelings towards the actions and reactions of the black people in this small Texas community.  In several postings on our blog, we talk about the limited exposure that many white people have to African Americans.  In my opinion, actions and reactions like these make injustices like the Jena Six possible. 

You would think that the sole issue here is the rape of an 11 year old girl.  Nope. Apparently, that isn't the sole issue.  Another issue, as if you could apply this to AN ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL, is that "she asked for it" by the way she dressed.  You know, wearing makeup and skinny jeans, she looked more like a 20 year old woman - according to a resident of Cleveland, TX... You know, that 11 year old girl just ASKING for it!  Another argument is that the sex was consensual.  You know, all those times you see ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRLS just begging for sex.  OR, the issue, at least as expressed by hate merchant Quanell X, leader of the New Black Panther Party in Houston Texas, is that the actions taken by the police are based in race:
"Every adult male that had sex with this child should go to prison, I don't care what the color is. But I do not believe black males are the only ones that had contact with this young child," said Quanell X, the leader of Houston's New Black Panther Party. "It appears to me there's only been the selective prosecution of one community, which is African American."
You know, because this is of primary importance.  Not that AN ELEVEN YEAR OLD GIRL was taken advantage of by grown ass men!  But that only the black men are being singled out!  - Really?  That's what's pissing you off Mr. X?

Not the fact that close to 20 GROWN ASS MEN had consensual sex raped an 11 year old girl and videotaped it for her entire class to view.  What in the entire world would convince ANYONE in this group that this action was okay?  I don't get it!  EVEN if I were to find SOME concessions: The 14 year old kid was close in age to the young victim and kids are becoming more sexually active at younger ages; some men (one or two) have "To Catch a Predator" type issues and need serious help.  But 18+, almost 30 year-old men?  Not a one of them looked at this situation and said, "You know, this is pretty f'd up!" 

Can't blame this one on rap music!  This goes WAY deeper than that.  I don't have to be a psychiatrist to know that Cleveland, TX has some serious issues! 

Don't get me wrong.  I do feel for the families of ALL involved.  Cleveland, TX, is - of course - yet another small Texas town with PLENTY of racial issues in its past.  This will certainly exacerbate the racial tension that already exists.  And if any of the little boys - 14 year olds - were pressured - even violently - to participate in this horrific act, then they are victims as well.  But ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake about this!  An 11-year-old girl CAN NOT consent to sex - let alone sex with 18+ grown men simultaneously.  THAT is the issue!  THAT is the ONLY issue!   

What in the hell is being taught to the men in this town?  Even being in the day and age of absentee mothers/fathers, hyper-sexualized music videos, television shows and movies, what in the world can possess THIS MANY people, that THIS act was okay?  Then move half the town to somehow justify their actions.  I don't get it!  Hell, I was sympathetic in the Marcus Dixon case, but this... this is something altogether different...

I hope these "men" get a fair trial.  But, I'm sorry, even though I'm down for the cause, I can't be down with this.  There is no defense... there is no racial sympathy... there is no understanding of their point of view.  Hell, if there is ANY racial lesson to be learned, it is how the hell to repair the damage these "men" have done to the entire African American Community in Cleveland, TX.

Even THAT question takes a distant second to the main - most important issue.

They had group sex with raped an underaged girl.      PERIOD.    You're on your own with this one. 

Is the response from the community remotely justifiable?
Is there any way possible for an eleven year old girl to "ask for it?"
Is race playing a role in the prosecution of the African American 'men?'
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