Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Urban Politico Celebrates Black History Month: African American Firsts

The Urban Politico would like to celebrate Black History Month by bringing you the first achievements by African Americans. Many African Americans broke down color barriers, forced a culture change or established a new way of doing things. During Black History Month, we will highlight their achievements.

Thomas Mundy Peterson

In 1870, Thomas Mundy Peterson became the first African American to vote  in the United States after the passage of the 15th Amendment.  Considered a Reconstruction Amendment, following the Civil War, the 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits each government in the United States from denying a citizen suffrage based on that citizen's race, color and previous conditions of servitude - slavery.  Born to slave parents, Thomas Mundy Peterson, a Republican, voted in an election held in Perth Amboy, New Jersey on March 31, 1870.  He was a recipient of the Abraham Lincoln Gold Medal.

Today, The Urban Politico salutes Thomas Mundy Peterson, the first African American to vote in the United States.
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