Saturday, February 5, 2011

Revolution Prevails? Egypt Ruling Party Resigns ***Breaking News***

According to Egyptian TV the ruling party of the country has resigned, including President Mubarak's son Gamal Mubarak, who was also said to be his father's successor.  President Mubarak has not resigned himself, but several key members of his cabinet has, as a good faith gesture, to ensure anti-government protesters that they are in fact serious about reform.

Huffington Post had this to say:

State TV said the ruling party's six-member Steering Committee of the General Secretariat stepped down and was replaced. The council was the party's highest decision-making body, and el-Sharif and other outgoing members were some of the most powerful -- and to many Egyptians, unpopular -- political figures in the regime.

El-Sharif was replaced by Hossam Badrawi, a party figure who had been sidelined within its ranks in recent years because of his sharp criticisms of some policies.
The new appointments to the body were largely young figures, one of the replacements Mohammed Kamal told The Associated Press. "It's a good change. It reflects the mood of change that is sweeping the country," he said.
Gamal Mubarak, who was a member of the Steering Committee, was widely seen as being groomed by his father Hosni Mubarak to succeed him as president. But Vice President Omar Suleiman promised earlier in the week that Gamal would not run for president in elections due in September.

Will this act bring peace to a burning Egypt?
Is Egypt's Government serious about reform or is this just for show?
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