Tuesday, February 8, 2011

O'Reilly's Pre-Superbowl Interview with Obama (VIDEO)

Even for a political junkie like myself, the last thing I want to be burdened with during the Superbowl is politics.  So I was surprised to see Fox (the network carrying the Superbowl this year) even go there with a pre-game interview between conservative show host Bill O'Reilly and the POTUS.  Nevertheless, the interview was actually interesting on a number of levels.  O'Reilly started off with Egypt and worked his way through the Florida Judge's ruling on the Health Care mandate, the "redistribution of wealth" claim from the Right, Obama's apparent move to the center, and then came out with the "people hate you" question statement that seemed to be more of a hat-tip to the Right who was watching then it was an actual substantive question for a sitting President.  Although some may find it inapropriate, I actually found the "but people HATE you" question quite interesting because it accomplished two things: (i) it managed to captured the tone of the entire interview in a nice memorable sound bite; and (ii) like many of the questions posed to Obama during the interview which were clearly intended to trip up the President, it actually backfired against O'Reilly when Obama was able to provide an intelligent answer each and every time.  In fact, you could probably summarize the interview's pattern as follows:

"Well what do you think about this [Right-Wing Presumption], Mr. President?"
"Well actually, Bill, [Dismantle Presumption and Clarify with Facts]."
"OK OK, but what about this [Right-Wing Presumption]?"
"Again, Bill, [Dismantle Presumption and Clarify with Facts]."
 [repeat for 14 minutes]

(see the interview after the jump)

See the Transcript on Fox HERE.

What do you make of the O'Reilly interview?
Was O'Reilly "unpatriotic" for interrupting the President of the United States more than 40 times during the interview?
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