Friday, February 11, 2011

And here comes the SPIN! This time, it's Job Growth.

From the  Bureau of Labor Statistics
Remember when McCain selected Sarah Palin to be his running mate in 2008?  One of the Republican talking points in her favor was that she was the governor of the "largest state in the union!"

WOW!  Sounds impressive doesn't it?  I mean, come on.  You can't go wrong when you are talking about experience!  This woman was the leader of the LARGEST state!  Now THAT is something you can put on your resume....... right?  WRONG! 

This was classic spin 101 from the Republican party!  Is it the largest in state?  Yes.  Yes it is.  Does it really mean what the Republicans are trying to make it mean?  HELL NO!!! It is the largest state IN LAND MASS ONLY!  But the republicans tried to spin this "fact" to make it sound as if Palin was the leader of the most massive populace, state and budget.  The truth is, CITIES like Columbus, OH, Indianapolis, IN, and Fort Worth, TX, are larger than the ENTIRE state of Alaska - in population.  The Republicans were hoping this "spinning" of a "fact" would hit home to those too lazy to read between the lines and learn the truth themselves. 

Well, the Republicans are at it again.  This time it is Mitt Romney!  Now, I know he is trying to run for president, but I must admit, I expected more from Romney.  I mean, just because you are running for president doesn't mean you should sell your soul to the Tea Party and relinquish your self respect! 

Today, while speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, a virtual cesspool of right-wing lies and falsehoods all in the name of getting the base pissed off at the opposition, Romney stated that Obama is presiding over "the greatest job loss in modern American history!"  As if to say the job loss is ALL Obama's fault!

WOW!!!  Sounds TERRIBLE doesn't it!  This should get the conservative base riled up!!!  Alas, this too is some bullshit that even a simple GOOGLE search would put an end too.

Here's the TRUTH...(all numbers provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Obama took office towards the end of January 2009.  In 2009, the economy lost nearly 4.7 million private - sector jobs.  Sounds pretty bad doesn't it?  Of course, until you look at the trends.  In 2008 - under the Bush administration - the economy lost 3.8 million private sector jobs.  A number that was getting worse by the end of Bush's administration.  This number continued to decline into the first 3 full months of the Obama administration.  Then... what do you know?  There was a DRASTIC drop in job loss resulting in the economy adding roughly 1.3 million private-sector jobs in 2010.  So, for comparison purposes, the economy lost nearly 3.8 million private-sector jobs in ALL of 2008 under president Bush and lost nearly 4.7 million private-sector jobs in 2009 - 3.1 million of that taking place in the FIRST QUARTER of 2009.

Was Obama president at a time when the economy lost more jobs than any other time in modern history?  Technically...yes.  Would any smart, reasonable person attribute any of this to Obama given the fact that the VAST majority of job loss happened in the first 4 months of his presidency?  Probably not. But again, we are talking about smart and reasonable people... does this mean Romney is neither.

I understand disagreeing on policy, but does this type of spin REALLY work on any of you?
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