Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Urban Beat: What's going on in the world?

1.I'm sure you are all aware of the Republican vote to repeal the "Job Killing" "Job Crushing" Health Care Bill.  As this has no chance of getting past both the Democratically controlled Senate and the Veto of the White House, the Democrats are calling this "Political Grandstanding" and a waist of tax payers money.  Is it?

2.Chinese President  Hu Jintao is visiting the US.  On the agenda; The Economy and China's Human Rights woes.

3.Speaking of the President Jintao.  President Obama hosted a State Dinner for the Chinese President and invited leaders from both parties.  Speaker Boehner declined...again.  This is the 3rd high profile event to which the leaders of the Republican Party have declined an invitation from President Obama.  The first after the elections in November, the second; the Arizona Memorial and now this oneDoes anyone else since some hostility?

4. Filed right next too "How the heck does the overly "moral" South have more casinos than the rest of the country" you can also put the fact that Gay Parents are more common in the South.  Go figure!

5.Michael Steele is out, Reince Priebus is in.  Last week the RNC voted in Mr Priebus to lead the RNC for the next two years.  I gues the RNCs attempt at showing the country they actually DO like black people, is now over.  Does this mean the Mr. Priebus will no longer use the "Hip Hop" strategy to promote the RNC in the more urban neighborhoods?

6.The Reverand Gov of Alabama is in hot water for saying that only Christians are "brothers and sisters" during his inaguration speech.  Many non-Christians are up in arms wondering if they will be treated fairly.  So much for the Seperation of Church and state huh?  Should the political leaders try to be more empathic to those they represent that are different from themselves?

7. The controversial Senator Joe Liberman is retireing from the Senate.  After supporting John McCain and speaking at the Republican National Convention, this seat SHOULD return to a Democrat in the next election. 

8. With the support of both Barak Obama and Bill Clinton, Rahm Emanuel has inadvertantly started a small racial storm in Chicago when he stepped down as Obama's Chief of Staff to run for the Mayor of Chicago.  Earlier this month, many African American candidates stepped out of the race to consolidate the "Black Vote" behind Carolyn Mosley Braun.  This move is being met with plenty of hostility from the African American community - going so far to say that Clinton, popluar in the African American community is "betraying" the black community.  As much as we shout that there is no "Black Vote" we sure don't act like it in times like these.  Who is wrong?  Carolyn Braun for playing the "race card," Bill Clinton for supporting Emanuel, or the Black community for even making this an issue?

9. And for you comic book movie fans, Anne Hathaway has been selected to play Selina Kyle in the upcoming sequel to the very popular Batman flick The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises.  Kyle is the alter ego to Catwoman.  Played before by ebony actresses Eartha Kill and Halle Berry, I'm guessing that with Christopher Noland at the helm, she should get better reviews than the widely panned Barry version.  Also added to the cast is Tom Hardy, whom you may remember for the movie “Inception.” Hardy will be playing the man who broke the bat, Bane…  Which, again, under Noland should do far better than the Joel Schumacher comedic version.
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