Thursday, January 13, 2011

One was Presidential the other...not so much...

Was Presidential.

The Other...
was not.

The tragic events over this past weekend were not without a silver lining; an opportunity presented itself for those in a position to do so to draw upon the better of all citizens for the betterment of the country.

The Tucson Memorial service was a service that was opened by Native American prayer and had many references to the Holy Bible.  It had speakers young and old, Republican and Democrat, speaking about what makes this nation great and how we are all one.  And it concluded with a speech by President Obama that, in my opinion, was very Presidential for all Americans at a time when it is needed the most.

And after his speech, it was much clearer to me the difference between the President and someone who may potentially run for president.

We've seen it in tough times from Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George Bush... at times like these, individual politics should be put aside.

Today both Sarah Palin and President Obama took an opportunity to use the moment however they saw fit.  Sarah Palin decided to show resentment and self-pity while President Obama asked for unity and to rise up above the pettiness.

Now, in all fairness, many on the left (even here on this blog) have come down hard on Sarah Palin and it is entirely understandable that she would want to defend herself from unjustified attacks.  However, at a time for unity, Sarah Palin yet again divides.

Politics aside, for me, it was clear who was more empathic, showed they cared more, and connected to the vast majority of citizens. 

Sarah Palin denied her "involvement" in the shooting, and instead of calling for civility, she imposed yet another hurtful slur when referencing "blood libel."

As for Obama, he worked to draw everyone together.  Everyone has lost a mother, father, sister, brother, daughter and a loved one.  His basic message was to not let those who passed over the weekends shooting die in vain.  He even came to the defense of Palin saying people (namely the Left) should place the blames of these types of evils at the feed of those who think different than us.  An olive branch perhaps?  He went on to say that we can't stop all the evil in the world, but how we treat each other is entirely up to us, and we should strive to be the people that Christina Taylor Green, the nine year old victim of the shooter, believes.

Obama stated that we can't use this tragedy as a moment to turn on one another and start pointing fingers, and that is exactly what Palin did.

In a unique twist, the same person who blamed all of Islam for the attack on 9/11 said that we should hold each person solely accountable for his actions.  Acts of monstrous criminality "begin and end with the criminals who commit them." It's wrong to hold others of the same nationality, ethnicity, or religion "collectively" responsible for mass murders.

Eventually she will learn that there is more to running the country than politics.  When it's all said and done, you are the President of the United States, not the President of white middle class hunters.  As such, bringing the country together is more important than ripping them apart for the sake of votes. 

What do you think, did Obama handle this situation better than Palin did?
Can we use her reaction to this situation as an indication of her readiness to be President?
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