Friday, January 7, 2011

New Voice on The Urban Politico

Oyez Oyez Oyez!!!

Once again, with the New Year comes a New Era of stirring the pot, so The Urban Politico is proud to announce our newest addition to the family, a long time Urban Politician who goes by the name "Shady Grady."

Shady Grady hails from the great state of Michigan and was born and raised in the Motor City (Detroit). He comes to us as a well known writer and contributor to several blogs throughout the blogosphere. You've seen his work before from time to time on The Urban Politico, and he's been known to hold his own against us and other readers in the comments section during some of our more heated debates.  No matter what position Shady takes on an issue, you can rest assured he can and will back it up with facts.

As far as his political ideology, Shady brings a moderate perspective to the blog that is slighltly to the right of the 3 of us, which is a welcomed fresh breath of diversity.  According to, he scores as a left-wing libertarian.  He argues for civil rights (especially for racial minorities) but against immigration; for health care reform but against the individual mandate, and for religious freedom but against the mixing of church and state.  And with respect to religion, he doesn't believe in God but respects those of us who do.  In other words, the art of cognitive dissonance is not lost on this brother.

Shady is a die hard Godfather fan and will quote from the movie frequently when making an argument.  He admits that sometimes he just likes to argue for the sake of arguing and hopes that when he does people will not take it personally.  And by the way, this guy knows more about old blues songs than just about anyone else on the planet.

So please show your love and give a warm welcome to our newest blogger and keep an eye out over the days and weeks to come for a new voice on the Urban Politico.
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