Monday, January 17, 2011

Most Memorable Moments of 2010

So 2010 came and went without any flying cars, teleportation devices or time travel machines, but we did have our own memorable moments.  We took a poll of the most memorable moments of 2010 and the people have spoken.  Our Top 10 Countdown of the most memorable moments of 2010 according to you, the viewers, are as follows:

10. The Shirley Sherod Controversy
Just when you thought the media couldn't get any worse at fabricating false stories to keep ratings up...

9.  Rep. Weinger Takes GOP to Task on House Floor over 9/11 Bill
Sometimes you just have to keep it real and tell folks about themselves.

8.  The November Midterm Elections
And after all the media hype over the Tea Party, most of them actually LOST the midterm elections.

7.  The Urban Politico Won Best Political Blog of the Year
Hey, thanks for including us in your memorable moments. It was a moment we will not soon forget.

6.  Congress Ended Don't Ask Don't Tell
After 17 years of existence, DADT was ended.

5.  Health Care Reform Bill signed into law by Obama
After an entire year of bitching and moaning, heated rhetoric and downright ugliness in town hall meetings from coast to coast, Health Care reform was finally passed into law. 

4.  Obama's First State of the Union Address
From our summary of the State of Union back in January: "Obama has successfully pissed off both the right and the left. Even on our own blog, which admittedly leans to the left, we have criticised him. So I'm not getting this concrete resistance from the right to EVERYTHING that Obama says. Last night, I felt there were plenty of moments where EVERYONE stood up and applauded. But he tried to keep it right down the middle. He attacked the left, the right, and the middle (in a perfect world, the middle would be the SCOTUS...but I will write about them in the following days...) He acknowledged that he should have communicated better, stated that both right AND left policies are good for jobs (small business tax cuts, jobs bill), good for the environment (of shore drilling, clean coal, cap and trade), and the budget (spending freeze - after we fix the economy...because "That's how budgeting works." If (and only if) we are honest, we can say that of course Obama is a left leaning president, he came from the Democratic party. But it is CLEAR, at least in rhetoric, that he is putting forth the olive branch toward the right to work together."

3.  BP Oil Spill
And how could we ever forget the BP oil spill?  We only had to watch it on TV everyday for about half of 2010.

2.  Arizona's Immigration Debate
We all remember the "Paper's Please" law that is currently making its way through the Courts as we speak.  As we said back in April:  "Arizona, like MANY other southern states, is proud of their guns, their John Wayne and Ronald Reagan posters, cowboy hats and confederate flags, but the bottom line is you CAN’T be exclusive and expect to be successful in today’s America. Whether you like it or not, we are becoming a country of many different nationalities, ways of life, and physical features. You can be proud of your own while still working WITH everyone else."

1.  The Ground Zero Mosque Controversy
The grand daddy of them all for the year 2010 was none other than the manufactured "Ground Zero Mosque" controversy.  Nothing says irony like a religious controversy in a country founded upon religious tolerance.  As we said back in August: "To blame all Muslims for 9/11 and oppose all Mosques is the logical equivalent of having a family member murdered by a person of a particular race and, from that day forward, blaming all members of that race and opposing any of the members of said race from moving in next door to the crime scene."
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