Tuesday, January 11, 2011

'Member? You 'Member Part 1: Old School Video Games

For no reason other than it has been on my mind, I'm going old school!  Nestalgia!!!  Things are just SO different now.  Everything is different.  From movies to music and even video games.  Don't get me wrong, many of the games today are great!  But some have gotten SO serious, that they aren't even fun anymore.  They are jobs!!! 

So call me whatcha want, but I felt like chatting it up about some of the entertainment I had growing up.  And if you grew up in the 80s or 90s, there wasn't that much out there that was more influential than video games.  While PONG was good... I'm talking about those games after PONG and Pac Man... but before PlayStations and Wiis came along. 

I would wager that many of you had an old school Nintendo, Atari, Turbo Graphics 16 (was I the ONLY one that had a TG16?) or Sega... 

So, if you know If you know what this Code is - 007-373-5963, or what this code does - Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right 'A' 'B' Select Start, or what a Turtle Tip is, then join me, and let me know what was your game of choice!

Member when games first came out, they weren't the BIG money games they are today?  They didn't have the team logos, they didn't have a famous sponsor, and they didn't cost $60.  Now, I wasn't as big a gamer as some of you out there, but I played my share!  I could jump over the ropes with Starman and I could spell the word "Nintendo" in RC ProAM to get to the next car.  No sometimes my ADD wouldn't allow me to get TOO far into a game or I would get SOOO pissed off because apparently I didn't hold the "Reset" button long enough before pressing the "Power" button on the old school Nintendo system and I would lose everything in Zelda - even my Magical Sword and Ring.  So pissed, I think I actually threw the gold cartridge away.  I think it is worth like $100K now.... Of course.  Mines in the trash in 1980s and someone else is rich... Talk about another man's trash...

I did get pretty good a shooting ducks, although I was upset that we didn't have enough ammo to shot that damn dog!  Oh... if your game didn't play, I knew every trick in the book to make it work.  I knew how to hold one side of the cartridge and blow in the other, making sure to get all the 'dust' out.

Ahhh... Those were the days!  There are certain things that are just embedded in my brain.  Like the Signy Songy way SEEEEEGGGGAAAAA! started when you first turned the game on... Or the sound made every time a kicked in Kung Fu. 

Did anyone else have Tecmo Bowl tournaments?  Or was that just me and my boys?  Man, so many fights got started because someone was trying to see which one of the four plays you were going to pick.  If they picked the same play as you, there was an all out 11 man blitz!  Better yet, how better was Super Tecmo Bowl.  Except for the fact that Mike Singltary and Bo Jackson could dang near out run EVERYONE or that your quarterback could drop back 50yards and still throw it to the opposite end zone for a TD (your best defense was trying to match up the arrows showing where your player was off screen HOPING for an interception).  What about bases loaded.  That was the first time I saw a play climb the out field fence to catch a ball... Was it just me, or could you hit dang near EVERY shot on side 2 in Double Dribble?  And why did we think the slow mo dunk was THAT cool?  Was it?

Oh well... just a walk down memory lane.  Here are some games that I remember:

Super Mario Bros.

Ten Yard Fight

Goonies II

Contra (can I PLEASE get a Contra Movie made?)


Mega Man


Track and Field (remember using your hands on the mat instead of actually running on the mat?)


Was it just me, or did anyone else play the "Video Box" as my Grandmother called it?  If so, what was your game? 
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