Monday, January 17, 2011

Celebrating Dr. MLK Day: How it Should Be Done!

We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge today as the day we set aside to honor the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King's legacy has been condensed into what we call the MLK Day of Service. A day in which we are suppose to use our day off from work to engage in community service oriented projects like street cleaning, feeding the homeless or some other noble, volunteer act.

All over the country folks use this opportunity to "give back" to those less fortunate and to honor the legacy of Dr. King by doing for others. But does this "Day of Service" which was developed 25 years ago really encompass what the legacy of  Dr. King truly is? Personally when I think of community service, I think of someone who was caught doing a crime and forced to give back to society as punishment....I'll leave that one alone!

We know that Dr. King was a strong proponent in the fight for Civil Rights in a Jim Crow America. We know that toward the end of his life, he began to see the fight for Civil Rights as a fight that was not just for black folks but for poor people all over the country, no matter what race you happened to be. Dr. King realized that racism was just a tool being used by the "powers that be" to create dissension between poor whites and poor blacks and ensure that both parties viewed themselves in a different struggle, blaming each other for the problems that they were both facing, poverty, joblessness, etc. It is with this in mind that you must ask yourselves, what is the point? What is the point of a national day of service in the name of Dr. King, which occurs once a year, when Dr. King's message was that doing for others, fighting for the betterment of the community, the country and the world and "giving back" to those less fortunate is an EVERYDAY occurrence, for the true freedom fighter.

In honor of Dr. King Day, I have created a list of things that black folks can do EVERYDAY to honor the legacy of Dr. King and all those who fought for our civil rights as well as a clip of his last speech as well as a video which discussed the history of Dr. King Day.

1. Pull up the pants. People who wear there pants like this should be denied civil rights until they conform.

2. Stop registering as Republicans. Get with the program people because I am tired of beating around the bush on this. Real black people do not vote republican. That is all!

3. Help dismantle the Tea Party: Because if they ever get into power Dr. King's legacy may not only be misconstrued but removed from the history books all together.

4. Stop taking hip-hop lyrics literally: Rappers get paid millions to be ignorant! Nothing worse than an ignorant hip-hop artist, who's also broke!

5. Go vote! When people say that there were individuals who died so that we'd have the right to vote, they are referring to people like Dr. King. We cannot honor the man's legacy if we don't even exercise our right to vote. ESPECIALLY in today's crazy political climate.

Dr. King's last speech:

History of the MLK Day of Service:

MLK Legacy of Service - 25th Anniversary from MLK Day on Vimeo.
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