Thursday, December 16, 2010

You Play Ball Like a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! Boehner Cries...Again

I mean what's with this guy?  He's crying more than Tammy Faye Baker.  This is the leadership of the Republican party?  I find this amusingly ironic that the party that berates and calls into question Obama's fortitude to be a tough leader has this guy as it's poster child.  Say what you will about Obama but at least he's not buckling under the enormous pressure of the Presidency and crying every night on national television.  Obama's grandmother, who had practically raised him since birth, died just before she could see him win the Presidency of the United States and the most that happened was Obama shed a tear while he maintained his focus and kept his eye on the prize.  Boehner, on the other hand, cries every time he recalls a story where he pulled himself up by his own bootstraps.  From the Washington Post:
To those who have followed Boehner (R-Ohio), it was standard operating procedure: The 60-year-old's proclivity for showing his emotions is legendary. He's cried during retirement speeches by other lawmakers. He's cried during victory speeches. He's cried while eulogizing close friends. He's cried at gala dinners, and he's cried in closed meetings. 
Don't get me wrong, there are times to cry, just like there are times to laugh, but it seems that every other political leader is able to do this job without crying every 5 minutes.  Could you imagine how many sexist comments would have been thrown at Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi if they had cried HALF as much as this guy?  Their entire fitness for leadership would have been immediately questioned and they would have been ridiculed straight out of politics in under 60 seconds flat.  But this guy gets to make a rep on boo-hoo'ing everytime they put him on stage.

Somebody get him a kleenex.
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