Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Recap

1. So by now you've likely heard that Bernie Sanders has staged a good old fashioned Filibuster in the Senate against the Obama-GOP Tax Deal.  Although the GOP has been threatening to Filibuster for the past 2 years on everything Obama has proposed, but Sen. Sanders actually conducted the first real live Filibuster in the Senate since 1992.  He spoke for 9 hours straight.

2. The Dream Act that was passed by the House last week is stalled in the Senate while Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) attempts to round up the votes necessary to pass it.

3. Bernie Madoff's son, Mark Madoff, was found dead in his SoHo apartment in New York City on Saturday after an apparent suicide.  His death occurred on the second anniversary of his dad's arrest for the biggest ponzie scheme in recent history.

4. Republicans vote down a bill that would have funded medical aid to 9/11 Responders.
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