Monday, December 6, 2010 Bowl (why not?)

See how I did that... I made up our OWN bowl.  I figure if the State of New Mexico or Beef O' Brady could make one up... why couldn't we?

 For those DIE HARD college football fanatics, who scream that a playoff system would "hurt the bowl" system... *clearing throat* 


Please excuse my language. 

This is my Love/Hate time of year.  I LOVE football season, I love the both the college and pros (not to mention the further back they push everything, eventually there will be a seamless transition from BCS to March Madness!)  What I HATE is the BCS.  Don't get me wrong, it is MUCH better than what we had before... but not by much.  Now, instead of pulling the National Champion out of a hat, they simply pull the two teams who will be PLAYING for the National Championship out of a hat. 
Every year, there is ALWAYS a team that gets left out of the championship conversation, when they should be included.  This year, that team is TCU.  So, for the second year in a row, this unbeaten team will have to watch two other teams play for the national championship.

Year in and year out since the BCS started, the conversation (argument) has been made to have a playoff.  But the "purists" say the same things: 
  • The regular season IS the playoff.  If you win in the regular season, then there is no issue.
Well... 1) not so... ask TCU and 2) Any true fan who hears this and they are in close proximity, should immediately stop what they are doing, powder their hand, and smack the stuffing out of whoever said it.  Everyone knows you have TWO SEASONS.  The regular season and the Playoffs. Stop trying to force this flawed logic onto college football.  It's damn near insulting.
  • They are college students and a playoff system will disrupt their education
Remember that smacking referenced above... use it here as well.  "Disrupt their education?"  Really?  So I guess if we extend that point to its logical conclusion we can safely assume that the education of those students NOT in the BCS aren't of any importance.  After all, they ALL have a playoff system.
  • Without this controversy, the commentators wouldn't have anything to talk about! (I've actually heard them say this..)
In that case, we should wish for more crime, murder, and just any bad thing to happen in general, so our news reporting organizations will have something to talk about...
  • If we go to a playoff system, we will lose the history and tradition of college bowls!
GOOD!!!!  Seriously, aside from those who attended the school, who the heck is watching the New Orleans Bowl. 

Did you happen to catch the college football contest on television last night?  The Trojans of Troy took on the Bobcats of Ohio U.  And in the end.....  Well, I fell asleep.... because NO ONE CARES!
No offense to Troy or Ohio U, but Troy was 8-4 and Ohio U was 7-5.  Why are they even part of the bowl conversation?  Once we start talking about the fifth place team in conference XYZ will take on the seventh place team in conference ABC, should their we be faulted for choosing to go and watch "Little Fockers" instead? 

We know they are part of the conversation for one word and one word only.  MONEY.  The whole idea of the money schools and programs get vs how they treat their athletes (and whether or not the athletes should be paid) is a WHOLE other post.  But the reason we have "I don't really Bowls" is because of the money.  The payout for a "small" bowl like "The New Orleans Bowl" is $350,000.  And really, for a small school.  That is NOTHING to turn your nose up to.  The payout for the BCS big boy games?  $17Million.  Not bad!  For me, and I think most of the rational world, I want a playoff.  Put TCU on the field with Oregon, and let the pieces fall where they may.  Without it, the money is good... but to me, the National Championship will always be slightly tainted. 

Also, if your curious, Rivals put together the bowls in order from least attractive to most attractive.  When someone finds a good reason for 6-6 BYU to play 6-6 UTEP on National TV, I may listen.  Until then, don't insult my Sports Intelligence.  I've pulled the least attractive five and the most attractive five, the full list can be viewed here

35. New Mexico Bowl, BYU (6-6) vs. UTEP (6-6), Dec. 18: Not even being the first bowl of the season saves this one.

34. New Orleans Bowl, Ohio U. (8-4) vs. Troy (7-5), Dec. 18: An also-ran in the MAC vs. an also-ran in the Sun Belt. Whoo-hoo.

33. Bowl, Miami of Ohio (9-4) vs. Middle Tennessee (6-6), Jan. 6: The only reason this isn't No. 35 is that Miami is the nation's biggest turnaround story this season. The RedHawks won one game last season.

32. Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, Florida International (6-6) vs. Toledo (8-4), Dec. 26: FIU was the surprise winner of the Sun Belt for coach Mario Cristobal. Frankly, though, considering this is played the day after Christmas, you probably would be better off cleaning up the clutter in your house left by ungrateful relatives.

31. Holiday Bowl, Nebraska (10-3) vs. Washington (6-6), Dec. 30: Not only is this a rematch of a regular-season game, it's a rematch of a game the Huskers won 56-21. The Holiday Bowl fell way down the bowl pecking order this season, and this dog is the result.

5. Cotton Bowl, LSU (10-2) vs. Texas A&M (9-3), Jan. 7: This one is on Friday night in prime time. These teams used to be annual rivals. And it's also a matchup of coaches who have gone through some ebbs and flows with their fan bases.

4. Sugar Bowl, Arkansas (10-2) vs. Ohio State (11-1), Jan. 4: Arkansas comes in having won six in a row, and Ohio State has won five in a row. Only two teams have thrown for more than 200 yards against Ohio State, and no one has thrown for more than 232. Arkansas has thrown for at least 251 in each game, and has hit the 350-yard plateau four times.

3. Orange Bowl, Stanford (11-1) vs. Virginia Tech (11-2), Jan. 3: Virginia Tech uncharacteristically has struggled at times on defense, which is not good when Andrew Luck is the next quarterback you'll face. The Hokies' offense, though, has been in cruise control behind QB Tyrod Taylor. Stanford's defense has played well down the stretch. Could this be the last game at Stanford for Luck and coach Jim Harbaugh?

2. Rose Bowl, TCU (12-0) vs. Wisconsin (11-1), Jan. 1: The Badgers have been killing people with their running game. TCU, of course, has made a living shutting down opposing running backs. The Horned Frogs can silence a lot of doubters with a victory.

1. BCS national championship game, Auburn (13-0) vs. Oregon (12-0), Jan. 10: This should be a shootout on the scale of Texas-USC. Can either defense make more than three stops? If so, that might be the deciding factor.

Okay... so whatever, keep the bowls... keep the bowl money.  Does that mean we can't have a playoff? Can't we have both?
Does the BCS need to be fixed?
Is it better/worse than what we had before?
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