Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Return of the King: Michael Jackson's New Album "Michael"

Michael Jackson has returned and is speaking from the grave through his new album, Michael. The album is scheduled to be released on Monday, but you can listen to it now at So why is this a big deal? Well aside from the fact that Michael Jackson is the greatest performer to ever walk the earth, the album is actually really good, particularly compared to MJ's last couple albums. A compilation of previously unreleased studio recordings, the album Michael is classic MJ, with somewhat of an urban twist. MJ was always very meticulous about who he collaborated with during his career, but there are some great guest appearances on this album.

One way that urban twist has manifested itself is through none other than rapper 50 Cent. His guest appearance on the album, with the song Monster and Akon's guest appearance on the song Hold My Hand, gave the work a nice modern hip-hop feel. I'll be the first to admit how much of a 50 Cent fan I am NOT, but the song Monster is definitely my favorite track on the album. This album is classic MJ at his best, from the beats, to the riffs to the lyrics, MJ takes us on one last ride through his tormented, genius mind and shares with us the gift that is spawned from this fusion.

After listening to the album twice so far, the conclusion is that this album is a must have for any MJ fans out there who were affected by his tragic death. Many of us have been waiting years to here new material from MJ and now that content is here. The album solidifies his reign as the King of Pop, who was never dethroned. This is the return of the king.

Listen to the new Michael Jackson album here.
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