Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Collapse of a Nation?

History has shown us that every great civilization has collapsed.  Why do we think America would be any different?  There was a time when I convinced myself that it was impossible do to the global economy.  Meaning that the existence of America was financially beneficial to many people throughout the world, as such, they wouldn't let it collapse.  With the recent economic woes, I'm not as confident. 

Normally I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe that those that shrug EVERYTHING off as mere conspiracy, leave themselves open and unprepared to all types of potentially harmful future events.  If we are honest with ourselves, the conspiracy is really only in the timing since all major religions and science say the end is coming... eventually.

Civilizations collapse for any number of reasons; from economic downfall and WAR, to disease , political turmoil, as strong as America is today, we may not be immune.  History has shown us the even the most powerful empires like Roman Empire or the Han Dynasty aren't immune.  Soviet Union anyone? 

If trends continue, America will no longer be the global leader in economics, education or military.  All three are arguably highly important in developing and maintaining global dominance.  According to the National Intelligence Council Report (2008) the decline has already started. 

Alfred McCoy, on Tom Dispatch, has an interesting perspective and then gives 4 possible scenarios that could lead to the possible collapse of America.  Paraphrasing, he says that our economy is falling behind China and the EU to the point where America is losing political clout.  We are no longer the leader technological innovation.

In commenting to earlier posts, I made the comment that America's time was the 20th century.  During that time, we dominated.  But gone are the ground-breaking kids starting computer companies in their garage.

In addition to losing ground in the area of technology, McCoy goes on to talk about how America is falling behind in the education department.  Falling from #1 in the world to #12 in degree recipients, and being ranked #53 by the World Economic Forum in the quality of math and science.

With tensions mounting in Korea and an already strained relationship with China and Russia, a third World War, or at the very least a second Korean War isn't outside the realm of reality.  Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Africa, NATO and North Korea, our military will become so thin, it may become ineffective in providing the type of defense necessary in a world where our country's destruction is the primary goal for some.

Combined with a political environment that rewards ignorance, emphasizes the lies and exaggerations, tries to tear down and weaken instead of support and strengthen, removes moderates and sees compromise as a weakness,I guess it isn't a question of "IF" but "WHEN."

With economics how they are, the current political claimant - where compromise doesn't exist and being a moderate is a negative and rooted out - is collapse impossible?
With hackers cracking our most "protected" systems, and personal information being compromised, and self appointed "fixers" like Julian Assnage, editor and chief for Wikileaks, is it far off to think someone can hack our systems and shut us down or develop a virus that wipes out the country?
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