Saturday, November 6, 2010

White men are "taking their country back!"

Since Obama took office in 2008, the conservative mantra was "take our country back!"  This mantra has been at the center of many debates.  The question has come up about WHO they were taking their country back from.  Is there a hint of racism due to an African American being in the White House?

A reasonable person wouldn't think that their country went anywhere, but simply that AMERICANS put in place by a democratic process simply have a different point of view.

But with a Black President, female Speaker of the House and a Latina and (allegedly) gay Jewish Supreme Court appointments (who apparently weren't "Mama Grizzlies") were JUST TOO MUCH!!!

I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that the loudest proclaimers APPEAR to be mostly Southern, White Christians, and as we've heard so many times since the close of the November 4th elections, the American people have spoken!!!  As if to say "We gave you a chance, and we hated what you did with the place!!!"  "HAPS" give it back!

Three African Americans ran for the Senate, but for the first time since 2005 there will be NO African American Senators (making this the first decade to not have representation since the 80's).  Despite the historic number of women running for office,  their numbers decreased in the House of Representatives dropping from 73 to 70, the lowest in 30 years. As for the Senate, while there were many threats, the women in the Senate fared better losing only one, Blanche Lincoln, dropping their representation from 17 to 16.

Additionally, the democratic party on the whole lost white votes.  According to exit polls, in 1994 Republicans won the white vote by 16 points, this changed drastically by the 2004 elections where Republicans won the white vote by 4 points.  However, in the 2010 elections the Democrats preformed worse with the white vote since ANY time going back to WWII,  losing to the Republicans by a 22 percent margin. 

I guess we found out the "WHO" and that "taking the country back" means that white men take more steps forward while everyone else takes a couple of steps back.

Is it a big deal that the numbers of African American and female representation decreased in congress?
Should there be representation for everyone in congress?
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