Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What the F has Obama Done So Far?

You may have seen this circulating through your inbox over the past few days, so we figured we'd give it some spotlight.  Per Uptown Magazine:

In the aftermath of last Tuesday’s election, some progressive folk have started a movement that is steadily building online traction. New website What The F*** Has Obama Done So Far made it’s debut on the eve of November 3rd and since then has accumulated followers in droves boasting nearly 600,000 link shares on Facebook and 4 million site pageviews. Featuring a slideshow with the Obama Administration’s accomplishments, the site brings to light the question on the average US citizen’s mind, and what some say is the primary reason for the lack of Democratic support in last Tuesday’s election; what has our President really done? We caught up with the creators of the site – Shavanna, Richard and Will – to get the dish on the inspiration behind the website and the backlash that has followed…
UPTOWN: What was your motivation for creating the site? How did the concept come about?
Shavanna: People are always complaining about how Obama hasn’t done anything. We figured he must have done something. Turns out he has.
How has the response to the website been so far?
Will: I’d say 70% positive, 20% negative, and 10% people who want us to make a no-swear word version so they can send it to their parents.
Do you think your site will help affect change by the next election?
Will: I think by the next election, people will have forgotten they were mad at Democrats, just like they forgot they were mad at Republicans this year.  And it will go back and forth like that forever.
Richard: The Internet has a short memory. I think this site will be long-forgotten by then. But the experience of working on this has shown me that small web projects like this have the potential to get a message to a big audience. I know we’ll be trying more of them in the future and I’m sure other people will as well.
Has there been any negative backlash about the site?
Shavanna: Some people have told us we should stop being so harsh on Obama.
Will: One lady called us bigots. I didn’t really get that one.
Richard: There have been some people who disagree with the site who have sent in their own suggestions for accomplishments like “he ruined the country” or “he convinced people he was born in the United States”. There have been a few others who didn’t understand the tone of the site and thought we were actually saying that none of the things the president has done were a big deal.
Do you guys (individually) work for the Democrats? What do each of you do?
Shavanna: No, none of us do. Our jobs are pretty unrelated to politics. I work in social media, and Will and Richard are developers.


What are you thoughts on this latest initiative to educate the public on Obama's accomplishments?
Will this have any impact in the Low-Information Voter crowd?
Do you believe Obama's accomplishments, on balance, have helped or hurt the country?
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