Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Urban Beat - Thanksgiving Weekend 2010 Edition

Hope you have all had a good turkey day weekend. Here's a recap on the Urban Politico news of late:

1. Congress is looking to take a vote on the Dream Act this week.  With Republicans coming into the House majority in 2011, many say this is the last chance the Dream Act will have for years to come.

2.  Sarah Palin calls for the United States to stand with it's ally, "North" Korea.  Perhaps she meant to say "South" Korea.

3. Would-be Christmas Tree Bomber in Portland, Oregon is nabbed by the Feds before he can execute his plan to blow up a van during the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.

4. Obama gets a rough elbow shot during a basketball game and ends up needing 12 stitches.

5. China gets involved in the latest North-South Korea feud and calls for everybody to come to the table and break bread.
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