Thursday, November 11, 2010

There's No Such Thing As Islamophobia - Unless You're in Oklahoma

I'm not making this up, but 70% of the fine people of Oklahoma passed a state-wide law last week during the midterms that bans the use of Islamic "Sharia Law" in the state of Oklahoma.  Let me repeat, 70% of the voters of Oklahoma felt it was necessary to pass a law banning Sharia Law in their state.  So I have to admit, prior to this story, as a Christian I had no idea what Sharia law was, let alone any knowledge that it was a pandemic problem sweeping across our nation, threatening to destroy our democracy unless we take swift action like the fine people of Oklahoma.  So I looked it up.  Per Wiki:

Sharia has been defined as:
"Muslim or Islamic law, both civil and criminal justice as well as regulating individual conduct both personal and moral. The custom-based body of law based on the Quran and the religion of Islam. Because, by definition, Muslim states are theocracies, religious texts are law, the latter distinguished by Islam and Muslims in their application, as Sharia or Sharia law."
Oh.  Ok.  I've heard about this before in passing.  Sharia law is the Islamic based law that a few Islamic nations like Somalia and Iran use in their country.  But this is America right?  And I'm pretty sure the last time I looked at the Constitution, we don't have to worry about being taken over by ANY religious law, be it Christianity, Islam, Judaism, whatever.  It's called the First Amendment and it goes something like this:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion".
 So not only does the Constitution prohibit the Feds (and by extension the States) from establishing a nation-wide religion, it also requires that IN THIS COUNTRY we follow a republican form of government, where the people are elected to represent each other, as opposed to Sharia law which is a theocracy based on religion.  That's called Article IV and it goes something like this:
"The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion."
So all of that to say, I think we're covered, Oklahoma.  You don't really need to worry about Sharia law taking over.  Lucky for you, the Founding Fathers thought about that back in 1789.  But if that wasn't enough, a Federal Judge has stepped up to ease your minds and remind you all that you can calm down.  Per Fox News:

A popular new law that bars Oklahoma courts from considering Islamic law, or Shariah, when deciding cases was put on hold Monday after a prominent Muslim in the state won a temporary restraining order in federal court. 
Two state legislators were quick to blast the judge's ruling and the Oklahoma attorney general, who they said did not stand up to support the new law.
U.S. District Court Judge Vicki Miles-LeGrange ruled that the measure, which passed by a large margin in last Tuesday's elections, would be suspended until a hearing on Nov. 22, when she will listen to arguments on whether the court's temporary injunction should become permanent...
Duncan and others who pushed for the measure argued that the ban “will constitute a pre-emptive strike against Shariah law coming to Oklahoma." He said England has embraced 85 Shariah law courts and warned voters that "while Oklahoma is still able to defend itself against this sort of hideous invasion, we should do so."
Opponents argued that the measure was unnecessary because state judges have no reason to rely on Islamic law. Most of the state’s newspapers opposed the measure.

Why are the voters in Oklahoma worried about Sharia Law?
How did they get it into their heads that Sharia Law has any possible chance in hell of effecting them?
Can we agree that this is a case of Islamophobia?
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