Monday, November 22, 2010

Guest Post: Al Sharpton Calls on FCC to Stop Rush Limbaugh

Today's Guest Post comes from a regular contributor to the blog who goes by the name Sadbone.  Be sure to drop a few comments down below and engage our guest as we discuss the latest with Reverend Al and our good pal Rush Limbaugh.


Al Sharpton calls for the FCC to enforce standards that forbid racially charged language against Clear Channel’s golden boy, Rush Limbaugh.

For years, Rush has created a virtual database of compiled comments that violate basic decency standards set for federally controlled airwaves. Sharpton says that since the license of the stations that carry Limbaugh’s show is granted by the federal government, inappropriate racial comments are not covered by the laws of free speech.

He said, "I think that even if his advertisers can't be stopped with boycotts, the FCC must step in and deal with standards on how they give station clearances to people that just want to race-bait."

Liberal talk show host, Ed Shcultz has taken up Shaprton’s cause and the two are making some noise.  Fox News even picked up the story and has reported on their website, ”If the left can’t get Rush by reviving the Fairness Doctrine, maybe the race card will work.”

Also standing up to Rush is Radio One talk show host on XM’s The Power, Joe Madison, who said that he was going to gather support from civil rights groups to do “exactly what the anti-defamation league would do,” which is contact Limbaugh’s affiliates, sponsors, and the FCC to take action and regulate or boycott the indecency of Rush’s program.

What is Limbaugh’s reaction?  He’s a victim, of course.  He says that the left is out to get him and that his statements were taken out of the context of humor.  What he fails to realize is that he was the only one laughing. Rush has allies too.  His partner-in-racism at Big Government, Andrew Brietbart, is in Limbaugh’s corner, so his drones are upping the stakes by racial comments of their own, calling Clyburn a “House Negro.”  They are also claiming that it is “professional envy” that is motivating Ed Schultz to join Sharpton’s cause.

With the holidays coming and Rush going into hiding, how will all of this pan out?  Will Rush weather yet another firestorm of controversy, which has fueled his entire career?  Or, will time, Sharpton, and the FCC bring an end to the reign of ignorance from Clear Channel?

It is hard to answer because Rush’s show is not commercially successful anyway.  Clear Channel forces the show on its affiliates, even when PD's don’t want it.  And, it is given away for free.  Salesemen from local affiliates forced to carry the show hate it because the Limbaugh show is impossible to sell.  How does it make money then?  Answer: The “Barter” system.  In exchange for carrying the show and filling what would be dead air, Limbaugh’s syndicator, Premiere Radio Networks, gets about 15 minutes in an hour of advertising time to, again, force-feed pre-sold national ads.  For example, Gold Bond has been a long-time supporter of the show, and you can hear their ads on the most remote locations in the U.S.

Considering these facts, it is easy to see why Rush has not been pulled off the air for a litany of inappropriate comments.  Also, he has not had the FCC on his back for a number of reasons, like cronyism, unspecific charges, and a lackadaisical attitude since none of the forbidden 7 have ever been uttered by Limbaugh.

Maybe now, his time has come.

Do you think so?

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