Monday, October 4, 2010

MISSING: Michael Steele

Missing Person

2010 Election Season
Washington DC



Date of Birth: October 19, 1958               Place of Birth: Andrew's Air Force Base, Maryland
Sex: Male          Hair: Balding
Height: 6'0"        Eyes: Brown
Weight: 225     Race:  African American


Michael (Mike) Steele disappeared from the political forefront.  He was last seen in July of 2010 fighting off Republican calls for his resignation for saying  that the Afghan war was "a war of Obama's choosing" and "not something the United States had actively prosecuted or wanted to engage in."  Leading up to the months prior, the RNC Chairman was often in the public view, saying or doing something stupid.  His disappearance from the scene has been deemed suspicious in nature.


Chairman Steele enjoys mixing it up with members of both parties, unfortunately, his mixing it up with the Republican party is usually done as a byproduct of his own mistake.  Recently, he was caught saying that the GOP and the Tea Party are locked "hand in hand."


As GOP money was spent at the adult club Voyeur West Hollywood, there is no reward money at this time.  Chairman's Steele disappearance from the spot light is VERY noticeable, as if those responsible don't want him messing up their plans in November.  So any information on his location will be treated with the utmost importance.  Help us find Chairman Steele, find out the reasons for his disappearance from the public eye, and find those responsible.
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