Monday, October 18, 2010

House Republicans...Be Careful What You Wish For!

With about 3 weeks left until the mid-term elections the word is all but official that the Republicans, led by House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner (pictured), are going to regain control of the House of Representatives but will not likely gain the seats needed to take over the Senate.  Democrats, as usual, are running scared and entering a collective state of depression at the prospect of losing something to the Republicans.  On the other side of the fence, Republicans are beating their collective chests and hopping up and down like House of Pain in celebration of the fact that the country is actually going to hand them the keys to the car again now that the Democrats have just started to "get it out of the ditch" to borrow one of Obama's favorite analogies.  Before we weep tears of joy or sorrow, let's think about this for a minute.  If anybody is reallying paying attention to the political dynamics of this country, there are at least 3 REASONS why a Republican take over of the house is a good thing:

1) It's Only the House of Representatives.
Look, no dis to any House members or support staff reading this blog, but let's keep it one hunnid for just a moment - if Congress were like the movie Twins, the Senate is like Arnold Schwarzenegger and the House is like Danny Devito.  The terms of the House are shorter (2 years vs. 6 years in the Senate), there are way more people to compete with (435 vs. 100 in the Senate), and just about every official action taken by the President requires Confirmation from the Senate, not the House. (eg. nomination of Supreme Court Justices).  Not to mention, the House does not have a filibuster like the Senate so it can't hold legislation hostage like the Senate can.  Bottom line, if you had to choose to put the Republicans in charge of one of the two bodies of Congress, better the House than the Senate. (besides, didn't the President single-handedly PWN all the House Republicans on national TV back in January?)

2) Checks & Balances is a GOOD Thing.
The problem with some Democrats (and Republicans) is that they feel that they feel threatened the minute somebody disagrees with them.  Since when did it become a good thing for everybody to think exactly the same way?  Diversity of thought is a good thing.  Pragmatically speaking, it is actually a good thing to have different political parties in charge of the different bodies of government.  We shouldn't want all 3 bodies of government to all be controlled by only one party.

3) Republicans Will Actually Lose Popularity When They Have to Govern.
The Republicans have enjoyed a TREMENDOUS advantage by not being in charge for the last 2 years.  It's easy to talk trash from the side line at the people out on the ground actually working but it becomes an entirely different matter when somebody actually hands you the ball and says "ok loudmouth, now YOU try!"  For the past 2 years, Republicans have more or less been able to convince the American public that any and every problem plaguing America right now is the fault of the party in charge.  That strategy may have gained some traction with the American public while the Republicans were not in charge, but what happens when those same problems continue to exist and now - instead of the Democrats - the Republicans are in charge?   The minute the Republicans fail to deliver some important piece of legislation in the House the general public is going to pitch a fit and realize that instead of the Ritz they thought they'd been eating, they've only been eating regular old crackers.

Ironically, in their race to regain power at the expense of actually formulating solutions for America, the Republicans will likely prove to be their own worst enemy because high unemployment, a jacked up economy, and an unpopular spending deficit are all going to continue...the only difference now is that these things will all continue under their watch.

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