Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dr. King Still Speaking From the Grave

There is not much an individual can say after viewing a video such as the one below. Huge shout out and always nothing but love to Mr. Dick Gregory, for bringing this kind of information to light. Mr. Gregory is one of the masters of what has been labeled the "conspiracy theory." However, unlike many of the so called theorists out there, Mr. Gregory was and is in the struggle, at the forefront and has the kind of inside knowledge that not many of us can relate to.

A few weeks ago the media spent the day discussing a black man who had recently died. This man was apparently an undercover FBI informant during the Civil Rights Movement, who used the color of his skin to infiltrate the inner circles of some of the stronger organizations of the time. We all know that this was common place back then. Unfortunately the treachery of some of our people dates back even further than 40 years ago, to pre-slavery as Africans sold other Africans into slavery.

"Like Caine and Able, Caesar and Brutus, Jesus and Judas backstabbers do this!" - Lauryn Hill

Without delving too much into what this video specifically discusses for those who have not yet viewed it, can we just agree that when information such as this finally comes to light, it has the propensity to draw a heavy amount of criticism from the skeptic, however an individual who is not naive can surmise by this video that there were in fact co-conspirators involved in the murder of Dr. King and other revolutionaries who were close to him and at that time just as respected as Dr. King himself. These backstabbers were drafted by none other than the FBI under the leadership of the devil himself, J. Edgar Hoover.

If there is anything I got from this video it was that so called black leadership is just as corrupt as any and everything else in this country. The revolution/movement was sold by people like the man you will see in this video, in exchange for money and prominence.

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