Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who Is Christine O'Donnell??

The Tea Party backed, Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell has gone from near obscurity to rivaling the Quran burning redneck pastor in receiving media attention after her victory over incumbent Mike Castle last week. But much of the media attention thrown in her direction has not necessarily been positive. Although, since her primary victory she has received millions of dollars in campaign funds, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding her candidacy. Controversy that does not seem unwarranted.

But who is Christine O'Donnell?

From admittedly practicing witchcraft, to preaching an almost fanatically, conservative ideology her somewhat extreme personalities leave a lot to be questioned about just what the real Christine O'Donnell stands for.

Here's what we do know. She does not believe in lying, she thinks masturbation is wrong and is terrified of the media. These key points are hardly enough to qualify one to receive a US Senate seat. This weekend O'Donnell canceled each one of her scheduled media interviews, with no reason attached. But this is not a first for the New Jersey native. Rumor has it that O'Donnell rarely does media interviews. Rare as in almost never. Which raises the question as to how the people of Delaware can trust a candidate who has not so much as even revealed a solid platform outside of simply being a Republican and the extreme moral agenda that tends to come with that.

Delaware GOP Chair Tom Ross came out recently to say that he would be supporting O'Donnell weather he liked it or not. His dedication to his party would not allow him to do otherwise despite insulting remarks me made about O'Donnell during the primary campaign. This new development raises the question as to weather or not moderate republicans feel they can get behind a radical candidate like O'Donnell this November.

Hypocrites like Christine O'Donnell are the scariest people in this country. Folks who use what they describe as a moral platform to condemn those who do not think the way they do when in most cases they turn out to be the individual having the real moral dilemma. This country cannot afford to have another candidate elected who cares more about who's sleeping with who, than the deterioration of working class.  If O'Donnell is going to have a shot a representing the people of Delaware in the US Senate, they need to force her to come out of hiding and out of her comfort zone and face the American people the way every other candidate before her has. Particularly during a crisis period in America, where every election, every vote and every word spoken by each candidate is of the utmost importance. Regardless of her political ideology and her bizarre, ambulance chasing style of politics, she must be held to the fire so that her constituents can make an informed decision as to whether or not she is worthy of Joe Biden's Senate seat.

Check out the various Christine O'Donnell classic clips and decide for yourself.

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