Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What In Jim Crow Hell?

Republicans really need to stop talking about everything being a local issue that needs to be decided by the local government (except of course when a local community board approves an Islamic Community Center in lower Manhattan).  We've had this discussion already and it doesn't apply to civil rights.  It's not even like some of you weren't alive when the national guard was called just so black children could go to school safely.  Unless you are Haley Barbour you should remember that move by the federal government was a result of the decision to integrate being left to the local government who failed to follow the law.

We need the federal government because you all are not that altruistic.

I find it fitting that a member of the Little Rock 9 passed away recently. I wonder what he would have said about a comment like the ones below made by Jim Renacci a Republican candidate for the 16th congressional district in Ohio.  This man clearly is a talking point machine just like Sarah Palin.  This is the dumbest comment made about civil rights since Rand Paul's (another crazy Republican candidate) disastrous interview with Rachel Maddow a few months back.

Conclusion: When it comes to civil rights, we need the federal government.  Check out the crazy clip below.

Also, why is this guy running for CONGRESS if he hates the federal government so much?
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