Monday, September 13, 2010

We Remember the Revolutionary Rapper: Tupac Shakur

Today marks 14 years since the tragic, unsolved murder - some might even go so far as to say martyrdom - of Tupac Shakur.  Whether you were an East Coast or West Coast rap fan from back in the day when such rivalries were en vogue, or even if you weren't really into rap at all, Tupac is widely known and respected as one of the most talented hip-hop artists to ever pick up a mic.  For the millions of hip-hop connoisseurs out there who never miss an opportunity to discuss the infamous "who is the best rapper of all time" debate in barber shops and on street corners from coast to coast, Tupac is undoubtedly mentioned somewhere on everybody's top 10 list.

In honor of one of our favorite rappers, a man whose music was filled with prophecy and truly portrayed the harsh realities of life as a black man, we have posted some of his most memorable interviews and music videos.

By far one of the best and realist interviews Pac ever did.

Keep Ya Head Up

Discussing being incarcerated.

Prophesying His Own Death in the Music

Join us in the dialogue as we discuss the life and legacy of the the late great Tupac Shakur.

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