Friday, September 10, 2010

Is the Media Being Just as Irresponsible as Pastor Jones?

Yesterday I sat watching CNN as I do frequently and was amazed at the overwhelming amount of press that the Quran burning Florida Pastor received. For at least 3 hours the story was talked about over and over almost non-stop. It was quite painful to watch, so I decided to turn to MSNBC and they were talking about Jones as well. CBS Evening News....SAME!!! Soon I realized that all of the major media outlets were running this story in the ground as if it were the second coming of Michael Jackson. I am not exaggerating people. They WOULD NOT stop talking about Pastor Jones and his almost decision NOT to burn Quran's. This media debacle got me to doing some serious thinking. The reason why we are so outraged at this so called Christian Pastor's decision is because of all the attention it will create, which will in turn put our troops in danger, fuel the terrorists networks propaganda machine, increase recruitment and potentially put US citizens in danger. But would all this really even be a risk if this jerk were not plastered all over every TV and newspaper (blogs don't count BTW!! hehehe)?

This morning I read that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) has joined in majority of Americans and urged the media NOT to cover the  Qu'ran burning ceremony that Jones may or may not be having.  McConnell is the first Republican I have heard to date speak out against Pastor Jones and his plans for September 11th. Well Senator McConnell I agree. I agree that not only should his ceremony, if he goes through with it, NOT be covered but he should cease to obtain anymore media attention on this matter EVER.

We are talking about a Pastor with no more than 50 members. A redneck who looks like something straight out of the original Oregon Trail game that any 80's baby should be familiar with. Is it not clear to everyone now that all this guy was after was some media attention from jump street? Do we really think that this Florida yokel has any good intentions behind this farce of a movement that he has tried to start? Absolutely NOT! Because we are all intelligent politicos who can see clearly through such foolishness or as the old folks say fooliness!!!

There becomes a point when "the dissemination of information becomes a problem." A quote straight from the mouth of the late 2Pac Shakur. He understood during the so called east coast west coast war that the media was actually the driving force behind the war and were the only beneficiaries. Anytime a redneck like Pastor Jones, who would otherwise remain the insignificant that he truly is, can garner INTERNATIONAL media attention, to the point where folks from all over the Middle East are burning images of him along with the American flag, we know that even if on a small scale, that the dissemination of information has definitely become a big problem. I really want to here what you guys think about this. To get the conversation going think about these two questions and leave your comments below.

Should we hold the media to the same fire as Pastor Jones for giving him so much attention?

Has the media's actions in this story played a role in the danger that Jones' ceremony could present?

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