Thursday, September 30, 2010

If the Media has such a "Liberal Bias" then why is the One Nation Rally Getting ZERO Clock-Time?

Folks, it's time we lay an old myth to rest: So-Called Liberal Media Bias.  We all remember the so-called Liberal Media Bias right?  You remember.  It's that thing that Sarah Palin swears to this day is responsible for her inability to recall the Bush Doctrine...the name of any newspaper she ever read...any Supreme Court case...or just about anything that reveals to the general public how stupid she really is.  The so-called Liberal Media Bias is the very reason why we need trusted news organizations like Fox News to keep things "fair and balanced" for us - otherwise we would all be powerless to resist the temptation to run out and hug the nearest tree on our way to our global warming meetings.

Hey look, I'm not trying to say there is absolutely no liberal bias in the news, but let's not act like there's zero conservative bias up in this piece either.  Both biases are out there, if one is so inclined to find them.  But that's not my point.  My point here is that there is an old narrative out there that's been hanging around for quite a while now, and that narrative would have us believe that somehow ALL media (except for Fox News of course) has a liberal slant to it.  ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, all the newspapers...they're all in the tank with the Lefties.  There is, of course, no proof for any of this.  We're simply supposed to take the conservatives' at their word that the entire MSM suffers from a hefty dose of "Liberal Media Bias."  Which is, of course, another way of saying that they (conservatives) disagree with much of what they see in the media. Well, as the saying goes, you're entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts so excuse me for a minute while I stomp a mudhole in this so-called "Liberal Media Bias" argument.
A few weeks ago, Glen Beck (a conservative whose douchebaggery is so great that even his own fellow conservatives at Fox News think of him as an embarrassment to conservatism) held a rally.  You probably heard about it.  It was all over the "liberal media."  There were probably more reporters at the Glen Beck rally than actual attendees.  America, it seemed, could not get enough coverage of the Glen Beck march on Washington.  And the cat wasn't even talking about anything of substance.  He basically just wanted to see if he could get a couple thousand tea baggers to come stroke his ego for a weekend if you ask me.  But the point is, the media was ALL OVER IT.  National news coverage and the whole 9.

Fast forward to this weekend: over 100+ liberal organizations (as opposed to just one dude) have planned what they are calling the One Nation Working Together rally in the same place (Washington D.C.) this Saturday, October 2 to talk about getting the American work force back to work.  Even if you're not a liberal, and even if you hate the Communist Party USA that will be in attendance, you still have to admit that talking about JOBS in this economy is a lot more productive than listening to Glen Beck talk about....whatever the hell it was he was talking about. But have you heard of this rally?  Probably not.  And why not?  I'll tell you why: obviously it is because the media, which is so liberally biased, has taken part in a nation-wide liberal conspiracy to NOT cover this liberal rally for fear of blowing their liberal cover and exposing that they are, after all, liberals who run the news from coast to coast with liberal media bias...

...or it could just be that the whole liberal media bias thing is bullshit.

You pick.
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