Monday, August 9, 2010

This Just In: Michelle Obama Takes Vaca - World To End Soon

OK, so what's all the hub bub, Bub?  This is one of those over dramatic stories that just begs you to say "really?"  The First Lady is taking a vacation in Spain and...this is newsworthy?  Look, I know that media feels it must cover all things Presidential but this story might have jumped slightly outside the realm of the irrelevant and officially crossed over into the land of the petty.  The spin on this thing has been Shirley Sherrod-esque, ranging from an entourage of 40 of Michelle's closest friends taking an all-expense paid trip on the American tax payer's dime, to Michelle deserving the trip as reparations for slaveryThe Daily News even went so far as to call her the "modern-day Marie Antoinette" opining that "while most of the country is pinching pennies...the Obamas don't seem to be heeding their own advice."  As with most fake outrage, a quick look at the facts goes a long way to stop the madness:

  • First and foremost, Michelle is paying for this vacation with her own money, including her own hotel room, food and transportation. 
  • Michelle brought one (1) daughter (Sasha) and two (2) friends.
  • The two friends paid for their own rooms, food and their own commercial flights as well. 
  • Every first lady for the past 50 years has flown on government planes. 
  • Per official White House policy, Michelle must reimburse the air fare at market rate for a commercial airline ticket for herself and Sasha.
  • The government pays for the Secret Service security detail for the first lady no matter if she goes on a vacation to Spain or sits in her living room eating ice cream and watching soaps.  
  • The Secret Service, not the first lady, determines how much security is needed.
  • Laura Bush took vacation (usually with President Bush) for each of the 8 years during Bush's two terms in office.
So again I ask, What's all the hub bub.....Bub?
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